Formena home-delivered diet meals service

Formena diet meals was established in 2015, based in Ankara, Turkey. detox water It is a company that prepares. It continues its activities in Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya. It serves over 1000 diet recipes with different package options, in a closed production area of ​​1000 m2 in total, with nearly 30 staff.

So how does Formena work?

formena Diet Foods It is a system that calculates people’s calories together with expert dietitians, determines their menus, and delivers the prepared diet meals to people’s homes in thermal bags, in microwave-resistant FDA-approved containers. In this system, which aims to lose weight for people who work at a busy pace or cannot get down to the desired weight, a 98% success rate has been recorded based on the data obtained so far. For Formena diet meals, customers can receive notifications of specially calculated meal times and water drinking hours via the mobile application system, so that they do not miss their meals. They can also learn the weekly menu, calories, weight table and graph, package information, the name and phone number of the delivery person and many other things from the mobile application.

Advantages of Formena

In addition to offering healthy and delicious diet meals, Formena also offers many advantages to its customers. These advantages include:

Dietitian-controlled meals: Formena’s healthy diet meals are determined weekly by expert dietitians. Calories, nutritional value and taste of the meals are provided under the supervision of dietitians.

Free dietitian consultation: Currently, a dietitian consultation and body analysis opportunity is provided free of charge with every 30-day diet meal package purchase, which is only applied in Ankara company.

Trial Package: A 5-day trial package with a protein-fat-carbohydrate balance is offered to both learn the Formena system and see if it suits your taste.

Quick and easy ordering: To order diet food from Formena, you can immediately purchase the desired program via the website or continue to get information. In both cases, customer advisors initiate their membership by obtaining customer information such as food allergies and products they cannot eat.

Affordable prices: Formena’s diet meals are offered at affordable prices in today’s conditions. In this way, those who want to lose weight in a healthy and delicious way can order food economically. The price does not change depending on the amount of calories. As the number of days increases, the price decreases.

Money Back Guarantee: Customer satisfaction is very important for Formena. If customers are dissatisfied or do not want to continue, they can get refunds without giving any reason.

Certification: Formena Kitchens has ISO22000 Food safety management system certificates and Halal certificate.

Travel or membership freezing: There will be no package loss in case of going on a trip. The remaining packages are added to the end of the membership. When they want to take a break, they can freeze as much as they want.

Product descriptions: When you look at the content of the product you want to review on Formena’s website, you will find information such as how many meals it consists of, what calorie amounts it contains, delivery and consumption hours, storage conditions, pricing table by days, and 2 sample menus.

How to Order from Formena?

Ordering from Formena is also very easy. In Formena diet meals, which is compatible with the e-commerce site structure, you will see 2 options when you add the product you want to the cart by selecting the day and city and completing the shopping. They can either purchase immediately by entering their payment information or continue with the I want to get information option. In both cases, customer advisors provide feedback.

If you do not know which package to buy and want to decide by talking to customer consultants, there is a green pop-up at the bottom of the home page saying “Let Us Call You”. A mini form will appear here, if you fill it out, customer consultants will get back to you.

Installments with interest difference can also be applied to credit card.

Losing Weight is Now Easier with Formena

Formena delivers diet meals prepared by expert dietitians to its customers’ addresses through a meticulous production and distribution process. Formena offers quality and affordable diet meals that are accessible to everyone who wants to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Additives that extend shelf life are not used in their meals. Their menu is prohibitive, consisting of all kinds of dishes, from desserts to kebabs. There is no separate fee for the cutlery sets included in the daily packages. For those who want to purchase a package, they can purchase between a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 60 days. Production is carried out with fresh ingredients. The company’s goal is to be Turkey’s leading diet food company and to reach everyone who wants to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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