Unforgettable Gift Ideas

If you are looking for ways to strengthen the bonds between you and your loved ones, you can give them gifts that they will remember for many years.

Especially personalized gifts can be unforgettable options for your loved ones. If you are looking for a gift to show your friends or family how much you love them, you can continue reading this article that lists unforgettable gift ideas!

Personal Adventure Book

First among the unforgettable gift ideas is an adventure book that you can create with your loved ones! By purchasing a notebook that will appeal to you with its design, you can fill it to immortalize your memories and express your love with writings. This adventure book, which you will prepare with your own hands, is shaped entirely by your experiences!

If you want, you can make your gift even more meaningful by adding special notes next to each photo you paste. Moreover, you can use this adventure book as a travel notebook and store the memories you have accumulated during your journey here.

Personalized Constellation Map

One of the unforgettable gift ideas that can make special dates even more valuable can be a star map that you create with that date. While these maps are being made, the position of the constellations in the sky on the relevant date is determined. Then, a map of these stars is created and any notes you want are added underneath. A professional astronomy software is used when determining star maps according to date. This way, your gift is designed specifically for you.

The map looks the same as the stars on your wedding day, your child’s birthday, when you meet your lover, or your mother’s birthday. Thus, you can remember this special date again and again and experience the happiness of giving a unique gift to your loved ones.

3D Lamp Made from Your Photo

Would you like to give your friend a gift that is just about the two of you? You can turn a photo you took together into a three-dimensional lamp for an everlasting gift! You can turn your memories into an unusual gift with this suggestion, which is among the unforgettable gift ideas.

All it takes is a photo of you together to create your gift! Then, your photo is engraved on a transparent material such as glass and placed on a lighted stand. If you wish, you can have this gift prepared with a photo taken with your father, lover, brother or someone who is precious to you.

Personalized Photo Exploding Gift Box

Exploding gift boxes are one of the unforgettable gift ideas that you can give with an accessory you purchase! There is an area in the middle of these boxes where you can put small gifts such as rings, watches, perfumes and key chains. Its surroundings are covered with empty spaces that you can completely customize. After placing your gift in the center of the box, you can personalize the empty spaces around it as you wish.

For example, if you are preparing an exploding box for your lover, you can paste your photos in the empty spaces, write notes, and decorate the box with various stickers. When you finish your preparation and close the box, it just looks like a normal gift box from the outside. However, when the lid is opened, the edges of the box open and turn into a huge photo album, revealing the gift inside.

A Chart Made from Your Baby’s Heartbeat

If you have recorded your unborn baby’s tiny heartbeat, turning it into an artistic painting can be among the unforgettable gift ideas. This way, you can keep the heartbeat that connects your baby to life in front of your eyes for a lifetime.

The sound file you recorded for this painting is converted into visualized sound waves and becomes a work of art with colorful design options. The creativity of the painting is entirely up to you! You can also use the following options to convert sound wave tables and multiply your unforgettable gift ideas:

  • your favorite song,
  • The voice of your relatives,
  • A poem you like,
  • Voice message of a loved one you lost,
  • Your pet’s voice.

Personalized Session with Salus

Wouldn’t you like to support the physical and mental development of your loved ones and help them take a step towards improving themselves? Then via the Salus application, which provides holistic and preventive health services. Salus gift package You can try giving it! 🎁

Salus gift packages vary depending on the types and scope of experts needed. In this way, your loved ones can have online expert meetings; He can meet with many experts, including psychologists, dietitians and physiotherapists.

For example:

  • new year special “A new start”1 expert meeting with the package,
  • First step to healthy life1 clinical psychologist, 1 dietitian and 1 physiotherapist meeting with the ” package,
  • “First step to therapy”4 clinical psychologist meetings with the package,
  • “Physical fitness”2 physiotherapists and 2 dietitians meetings with the package,
  • Last but not least “Preparation for motherhood”You can gift 2 doulas and/or a breastfeeding consultant meeting with the package!

What you need to do to access this feature and purchase a gift package is very simple:

  • Download the Salus app and sign up.
  • Go to the credit purchasing area from the “Profile” page in the application.
  • Choose one of the packages we listed above. Then complete the payment steps and purchase the package.
  • You will see a card with a code on it. If you wish, you can simply forward the code to your friend, or send the card via email or SMS.

Your online meeting gifts can be one of the unforgettable gift ideas that will add value to the lives of your loved ones. If you want to show that you support them in their decisions and support their well-being, you can use the Salus application 🙂

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