Braun, Making Life Easier, Celebrates its 100th Anniversary!

Focusing on making consumers’ lives easier since 1921, Braun is celebrating its 100th anniversary. In this special year, Braun offers durable and long-lasting personal care products to consumers.

Founded by Max Braun in 1921, Braun has been making consumers’ lives easier with its advanced technology and innovative designs for 100 years. Braun products, which enable you to continue using them with the same performance for years after purchasing them once, have been designed for years with a “less, but better” approach, focusing on the most basic and necessary aspects of the product. Braun, with its products in its personal care portfolio; While it offers women the long-lasting, effective and comfortable epilation experience they are looking for, as well as perfect skin care, it also provides men with a perfect shaving experience and helps them have the beard style they want.

Always fulfilling its commitment to produce products that defy the years, Braun offers a special selection of products with a 5-year warranty for its 100th anniversary. The limited edition special product selection includes Silk Expert Pro 5, Silk Epil 9, Silk Epil 9 Flex and MGK5045, BT7, MGK7, Series 3, Series 7, Series 9 Shavers.

Founded in Frankfurt in 1921, Braun is characterized by founder Max Braun’s progressive ideas, innovative product solutions and use of the latest technical developments, creating products that people need, that make everyday life easier and that stand the test of time. Max Braun, who started his Braun story with a belt connector, became interested in men’s personal care in the 1930s.

During these times, using an electric machine instead of water and foam to shave your face was a fairly new concept, and the electric razor had only been invented in America a decade earlier; but Braun knew he had the technological know-how to produce a competitive device. This was because Braun was already at the cutting edge of production.

In the late 1930s, Braun completed his own new design for the electric shaver and worked out how to produce it. Unfortunately, a war also started at this time, and Braun’s electric shaver was shelved for the time being. After the war, Braun began restructuring and in 1950 he launched the first dry foil shaver, the S50. These two products laid the foundations for Braun’s product categories today.

In 1988, Braun acquired the French company Silk-épil, launching its first epilator, the Silk-epil EE1, which is today one of the company’s core and growth segments. In a short time, Braun has become a leading global brand among women’s beauty and personal care products.

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