Care recommendations according to hair types

Thin, curly, dyed, oily… Thanks to the care recommendations according to their hair type, you can offer them the beauty they deserve. Moreover, you can learn hair care practices from the experts with our special news.

Hair that is affected by the cold in winter and breaks under berets, falls out during seasonal transitions, and loses moisture in the sun in summer always needs special care. Morfose experts made specific recommendations for different hair types and hair treatments.

Care for dry and thin hair

A healthy and voluminous appearance can be achieved by revitalizing and strengthening this type of hair, which is easily affected by external factors. Milk protein, which prevents the hair from losing moisture, especially before and during hot treatments, and amino acid contents that protect the hair ends from inside to outside, provide effective care for dry, brittle and thin hair.

Recommendations for dry and thick hair

Thick hair needs special care as it is more prone to drying than other hair types. Care products formulated with argan oil, which contains high amounts of vitamin E, prevent dryness and breakage in this type of hair, revitalize dull hair and add shine. Argan oil extract also creates a flawless look by smoothing out frizz in thick hair that is difficult to shape.

For hair treated with lightener

Applications such as balayage, highlights and ombre change the entire look of the hair, but since these procedures are performed using lightener, special care must be applied. Care products in which keratin, which makes up 65 to 95 percent of our hair, are formulated with amino acids, increase the elasticity of the hair. This allows the hair to be easily combed and becomes softer and smoother.

Care tips for dyed hair

Dyeing is undoubtedly one of the most commonly applied procedures on hair. Those who use hair dyes to change color or cover up gray areas must pay attention to their hair care, just like those who have other procedures done! Using dyes containing protein and natural oils gives the hair a shiny and soft appearance. Using maintenance products with paint locking properties after the application prevents the color from fading and prolongs the life of the paint.

For chemically treated hair

Some chemical processes are used to change not only the color but also the model of the hair. The way to protect your hair after permanent blow-drying and waving applications is through keratin-based care products. Keratin extracts structure hair damaged by heat, chemical processes and environmental effects without weighing it down. The serum applied in addition to keratin care prevents breakages and creates a silky and shiny appearance.

Special product for every hair from Morfose

Morfose Cosmetics, which offers rich products in the hair care, styling, coloring and personal care categories, allows hair to look flawless with its options specific to every hair type and application. Morfose products are offered for sale in hairdressers, chain cosmetics stores and perfumeries.

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