Cleaning the genital area with a razor

A practical way to get rid of unwanted hair is to use a razor. So, how to clean the genital area with a razor? Information that will help you is included in our special news.


First of all, we recommend that you use razors made for women. Products that contain cream and do not cause cuts will make your life easier.

Prepare your genital area with a razor!

You can use various methods to soften the feathers and clean them easily. For example, you can get rid of genital area hair by applying baby oil and razoring smoothly.

You can choose shower gel or foams!

Before removing genital area hair, you can use shower gels or foams specially produced for the genital area. Thus, you can move the razor easily. Also, shower gel or foam softens the hair. It prevents irritation and ingrown hairs.

Move the razor up and down!

Remove hair by moving the razor up and down for a great waxing result. Of course, you should do this using a women’s razor. Old style, unsafe razors can cause cuts in the genital area.

You can do it more comfortably in a sitting position!

It is best to remove hair in the genital area once a week. Try to be in a sitting position while applying the razor. You can get help from a small mirror for places you cannot see.

Rinse thoroughly with warm water and clean!

The hair you may remove stick to the genital area. To do this, rinse and clean with plenty of water after the process is completed. Also, remove excess moisture with a towel. Then, you can use an intensely moisturizing natural care product such as coconut oil.

Be sure to clean your razor after use!

Don’t forget to clean the razor thoroughly after use. It is extremely important to remove any residue on it. Also, never use razors that start to rust again. You can extend the life of razor blades if you soak them in a little baby oil after cleaning.

You can shave your genital area with a razor once a week!

As you know, hair removed with a razor grows faster than waxing. However, appropriate time must pass to take it again. Removing it every day or before the hair is fully grown may cause irritation. It is best to shave once a week or twice depending on hair growth.

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