Effective solutions for sunburn

In our special news prepared by the team of the best women’s website ‘High Heels’, we examine sunburn that reduces the joy of holiday and offer natural solution suggestions! For those wondering how to get rid of sunburn, useful methods and warnings to prevent it from recurring are in our special news!

The sun is beneficial but…

Sunlight, our bodies Vitamin D It is one of the most important resources that meet the needs. Tanning allows our skin to renew and gain a natural shine and increases our beauty. The body, which is fed with enough sunlight throughout the summer, does not get cold when winter comes and is more resistant to diseases.

It may harm your skin

Sunlight, which seems very beneficial at first glance, can turn into harm when your skin is not protected. burns, skin spotsand can cause premature aging… Of course, it is necessary to use high moisturizing and protective products before sunbathing.

What is good for sunburn?

You can compress with ice to relieve the pain of sunburn. Put ice between a clean cloth napkin and press it on the burned areas to relax them. Creams containing pain-relieving extracts are effective in relieving the pain of sunburn.

Use aloe vera for sunburn!

One of the things that is as important to have in your holiday suitcase as swimsuits is aloe vera. This miracle plant soothes your skin tremendously and cures sunburns instantly! Likewise in its content aloe veraCreams containing extracts also work well.

Effective solution for sunburn

After-sun care creams with intense moisturizing properties; It both reduces skin redness and regenerates the skin. Yoghurt, a traditional treatment method; It helps heal mild sunburns. The feature of yoghurt is that it both moisturizes and refreshes the skin.

You should not go out in the sun until the sunburns on your skin heal, otherwise you will get sunburn; It may turn into skin blemishes and watery blisters. Sunburns should heal within 3 to 5 days, but if it takes longer; It would be beneficial to consult a doctor.

Sunburn treatment with apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar It is extremely effective in treating skin problems. It relaxes the skin by regulating the pH balance of the skin. Mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. Apply the mixture to the sunburned area.

Soothe your skin with cucumber!

Cucumber moisturizes and soothes the skin thanks to the water it contains. Grate the cucumber with its peels and squeeze the juice. Then apply the juice to the burned area.

Skin moisturizing with olive oil

Skin that is exposed to too much sunlight dries out, which causes the skin to stretch and cause more pain. To prevent this, your skin olive oil You can moisturize with . Apply olive oil to your skin, put a towel on it and wait a while.

You have learned the solutions for sunburn. In order to avoid such a problem again, first put oils or creams in your suitcase that will protect your skin from harmful sun rays. Take a shower with clean water and apply sunscreen after each swim.

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