Famous actress Eda Ece chooses naturalness!

Successful actress Eda Ece takes care of the beauty and health of her skin despite her busy business life. Eda Ece, like every woman, needs a natural purifier and cleanser. Nowadays, she feels happy and excited to have found the hero of her radiant skin.

The skin is exposed to many external factors during the day… Natural gas and exhaust fumes in city life, heavy metals mixed into the air, pollen, dust and chemicals exposed to indoor areas can clog the pores on the skin and cause sensitivity. Famous actress Eda Ece uses Bioderma Sensibio H2O for the cleansing and health of her skin.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O, which does not contain alcohol, soap or allergenic substances, provides natural cleansing, brightness and radiance for every skin. Successful actress Eda Ece became the advertising face of the world’s first micellar water “Sensibio H2O”, developed by Bioderma Laboratories together with dermatologists.

Sensibio H2O, skin cleansing water that is much more than a make-up remover, can be preferred as needed during the day for a pure and soothed skin. Moreover, it provides practical use thanks to its formula that does not require rinsing. It can also be used safely around the eyes and lips.

Sensibio H2O is suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive skin; It does not contain alcohol, soap or allergens, and thanks to the active soothing cucumber extract it contains, it soothes the skin, relieves skin swelling and provides instant relief to the skin. With its unique cleansing and make-up removing power, it thoroughly cleanses all dirt and oil without damaging the skin.

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