How to make tanning oil at home?

During the summer season, many women are interested in tanning oils. Bronzing oils give the skin a smooth look and a beautiful glow. Instead of buying these oils ready-made, you can prepare them at home. As Yüksek Heels team, we have prepared practical homemade bronzing oil recipes for you.

Natural bronzer with cocoa butter

Our first practical recipe; Add one tablespoon each of cocoa butter, walnut oil and olive oil to an empty and clean bottle and mix well. Since you prepare bronzing oils using natural ingredients, their shelf life is shorter than ready-made ones. Therefore, try to prepare it in small bottles and consume it within 1 month. Store in a dark and cool environment. Apply it well to your skin and start sunbathing.

Intense tan with carrot oil

Carrot oil is the most effective oil for tanning after cocoa. Mix one tablespoon each of carrot oil, sesame oil, apricot oil and 1 cinnamon stick. You can add a few cloves to the mixture to make it smell better.

Bronzing oil for a high tan

If you want a very dark tan, you can prepare a mixture using chocolate. Mix one tablespoon each of olive oil and bergamot oil. Melt approximately 20 grams of pure chocolate in a double boiler and add it to the other oils and mix well. Apply this mixture to your skin 15-20 minutes before going out in the sun.

Bronzing oil for fair skin

If your skin color is very fair and your skin is very sensitive, we have a recipe for you! Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil, half lemon zest, 2 sprigs of mint leaves and St. John’s wort Leave this mixture in the sun for 15 days. Once ready, apply it to your skin before going out in the sun. Thanks to this mixture, you can tan without experiencing redness and pain.

You’ve learned homemade tanning oil recipes. To be protected from the harmful effects of sun rays, be careful not to go out in the sun between 11:00 and 15:00.

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