Kids will enjoy the semester!

After a busy academic year, families have fun with their children; He will also visit Sbarro restaurants to have a delicious time. Sbarro®, which appeals to every taste and offers special tastes to its guests with its wide product range, will make the family experience the taste of pizza with the campaign it has prepared specifically for the semester break.

Offering the most delicious slice of life with the assurance of TAB Gıda, Sbarro® is one of the most visited restaurants during the semester break. With the campaign launched specifically for the semester break, children and parents can enjoy pizza for the whole family with Sbarro® XL Epic Pizzas. During the semester, XL Epic Sausage Pizza and XL Epic Sausage Pizza are only 25.95 TL.

With the slogan “This holiday will be epic”, XL pizzas, which will be on sale in all Sbarro® restaurants until February 3, double their taste with sausage and sausage alternatives. Sbarro® XL Epic Sausage Pizza and Sbarro®

Pizzas, which are products that can be enjoyed by the whole family during the semester break, are now available in restaurants for 25.95 TL instead of 33.95 TL!

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