Makeup and Skin Care Products Applications: The Importance of Skin Cleansing and Moisturizer

For those who pay attention to their personal care, make-up products and skin care products are very important. Even though they are not under the same roof, make-up and skin care products that offer the structures your skin needs to achieve the skin form you are looking for can create the concept you want when used correctly.

Christmas gift As, we touched upon the importance of cleansing and moisturizing in skin care and make-up materials, which are among the products that women are most satisfied with. You should pay attention to these issues to end many skin problems before they start.

Cleanliness in Skin Care

Our skin is very open to external influences since it is the largest area of ​​our body by volume. This means that factors such as air pollution and sweating, as well as make-up It causes effects such as residue to create an undesirable form on the skin. Our skin, which has a breathing structure, takes in air through its pores. However, the dirt layer that forms over time closes the pores. This causes the pores to open and expand for breathing. Therefore, the first thing to do in skin care after make-up is a good cleansing. For cleaning, the following steps must be followed:

  • After makeup or before applying various skin care products, the skin should first be washed with warm water. Warm water leaves the skin relaxed and ready for cleansing.
  • Following this process, tonic or other cleansers, which are an important part of skin care, are applied to the skin.
  • After the cleaning process is completed, moisturizer or other skin care products are applied with soft and oval movements.
  • Using moisturizer as a daily routine ensures that the skin gets the moisture it needs, which makes the skin look clearer, softer and fresher.

Makeup Application After Moisturizer

After completing skin cleansing, you can apply make-up products more easily. Since your skin has a fresh and clear appearance, it will better carry the foundation, concealer, or other make-up products you apply. Especially some make-up products can remain in their original form for a longer time on well-cleaned and moisturized skin. This ensures that the experience you expect from makeup is better. Cleansing the skin after applying make-up and applying cosmetic products after skin cleansing is an important task that is done one after the other. Remember that when skin cleansing is not done correctly, skin problems such as acne, acne and blackheads may occur over time due to clogging of the pores. Because skin careand you should use make-up products correctly, as recommended.

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