Meet the most reliable name for your beauty!

Do you need a reliable physician for magic touches to your health and beauty? If your answer is “Yes, I want”; Kiss. Dr. We would like to introduce you to Güray Yeşiladalı. As you know, ‘High Heels are your best friends’ for 12 years As we only offer you what we trust; Kiss. Dr. Güray Yeşiladalı is one of those names.

Carrying out activities in the field of health for the happiness and peace of people, Vanity Aesthetics Clinic; Kiss. Dr. Güray Yeşiladalı by; It was founded by two people who remained friends since their childhood. Filling, botox Operations in line with the person’s needs, such as breast reduction, rhinoplasty; carefully presenting with its expert team Kiss. Dr. Güray Yeşiladalı; With a brand new initiative, it increased the satisfaction and safety of its guests.

As we all know and feel its various effects Covid 19, new measures in our lives It requires. We attach more importance to cleanliness, security and health than ever before. Here is the founder of “Vanity Aesthetics Clinic”, Op. Dr. Güray Yeşiladalı; he has found a guaranteed solution to exactly this specific need.

Accepted all over the world, Republic of Türkiye “Temos Covid-19 Reliability Certificate”, supported by the Ministry of Commerce, is available only at Vanity Aesthetic Clinic, before anywhere else! This means; Regarding your health and beauty, with our expert team; If you want to receive service safely at affordable prices; “ With Vanity Estetik, which won the Temos Covid-19 Reliability Certificate; you and your loved ones safelyYou can entrust.

Since the day we set out with ‘High Heels’ ( For exactly 12 years! ); without discrimination of gender, religion, language, race or active origin; for people’s happiness, satisfaction and health We are a team that works wholeheartedly ; We serve you wholeheartedly. In these principles that we approach extremely sensitively, Vanity Estetik received full marks from the “High Heels” team and we can announce it to you, our valued readers, with peace of mind.

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