My weight loss has stopped, what should I do?

While we lose weight when we start a diet, after a while it goes into a stagnation period. When we weigh ourselves every day and see the same number, we say, “ I have stopped losing weight, what should I do? ?” we think Here, we have prepared suggestions to help you at this time. You can read it carefully from beginning to end and get useful information to lose weight again.

We have suggestions for those who say “I have stopped losing weight, what can I do?”

We have prepared an effective guide for you, from the turmeric drink recipe that is effective in breaking the resistance weight, to keeping a diary to increase your awareness, from foods that increase the metabolic rate to walking to lose weight in a healthy way; As you apply it step by step, success will be with you.

Lose weight again with turmeric drink

Turmeric or ginger clears edema from the body.

Thousands of studies have been conducted on the benefits of turmeric on health and weight loss. It should be included in the diet program, especially due to its effect on fat burning and edema clearance. I have stopped losing weight, what should I do?We recommend this recipe for those who say:

Add the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of powdered turmeric to a glass of room temperature water and mix. You can drink this on an empty stomach before breakfast or lunch. You can do it as a 7-day cure once a month.

Drink a cup of green tea every day

It is useful for increasing the metabolic rate.

A faster metabolism means converting body fat into energy and excreting it, resulting in healthy weight loss. For this, you can drink a large glass of green tea every day. If you wish, you can add cloves or cinnamon sticks to make its taste and effect better.

Burn calories and get stronger with every step

You can burn more calories by walking.

Walking is extremely beneficial for hormone and appetite balance. It is also effective for losing weight again. You can support fat burning by taking a brisk walk for an hour in the morning and evening, see a decrease in the scale and celebrate that day. You don’t necessarily have to go out; You can also exercise at home. If it seems boring to you, you can burn calories and shape your body by dancing to lively songs.

Increase your awareness with a diet diary

Be careful about the amount of fruit consumed because it contains sugar

Sometimes, we say we don’t actually eat anything, but we may exaggerate the amount of fruit or not drink enough water. You can keep a diet diary to both continue a healthy diet program and lose resistant weight. Every morning, you can write down in your notebook what you plan to eat and drink that day; At the end of the day, you can write down what you actually did and compare.

Don’t punish yourself by starving yourself

Don’t be angry with yourself because you stopped losing weight.

People whose weight loss is stalled think that they will lose weight by starving themselves or severely reducing their daily calorie intake. However, as a result of this wrong behavior, the metabolic rate drops significantly, the body protects itself and does not want to lose weight. So please, if you are thinking of losing weight by starving yourself or eating less, stop it. The best thing to do is to eat light and full.

Regulate the water you drink according to the season

You need to drink more water on hot days.

While up to two liters of water is sufficient on cold winter days; Since a lot of water is lost through sweating on hot summer days, it is necessary to drink three liters of water. Important information is this: People who do not drink water have a higher risk of body fat and have an increased appetite. Most of the time, our brain confuses hunger and thirst. So, drink a glass of water every hour, sipping and sitting.

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