Novakid is the first address of online English education

Every parent who is worried about their children’s education is trying to keep up with online systems. Online platforms, which are frequently preferred especially for language education, have replaced the social activities and physical courses that decreased due to the pandemic. We have a suggestion for you to turn this process into an advantage and provide quality and sustainable language education for children.

novakid online English education As a platform that provides education, it offers a quality language learning infrastructure to children aged 4-12. It is frequently recommended by experts to start language education, especially at an early age. In order to speak English fluently, it is very important to start language education at an early age. As a pioneering platform in language education, Novakid offers English education starting with 4-year-olds and serving children up to 12 years of age.

So why is it important to start language education at an early age?

A solid background is needed to speak a language fluently. At the same time, it is very important to learn this language from native English speaking instructors. The earlier your child starts language education, the more permanent the language he learns will be and the more it will shape his life. Learning languages ​​also improves children’s communication skills and plays an important role in their careers.

Novakid aims to make a difference in the education and training lives of your children at an early age by providing language education to children between the ages of 4-12. With lessons prepared completely suitable for this age group, it helps children learn languages ​​in a game-like manner, without boring them, and teaches them while having fun. All Novakid instructors are experts in the field of online education, have experience working with children at a young age, and have an ESL certificate.

All Novakid training materials are prepared in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR), which is the European education standard. At Novakid, lessons are planned specifically for that age group, based on the age of the students, and are taught in a time that does not exceed their perception time. Lesson duration at Novakid is 25 minutes.

Learning English from native English instructors

Unlike other online English education platforms, Novakid works with native English speaking instructors. Thus, children who learn English with Novakid know the subtleties of that language and learn the correct pronunciation from teachers whose native language is English. Novakid also offers children the opportunity to study with the teacher they want.

Novakid’s main purpose is to teach while having fun. That’s why there is no concept of education like school curricula. All lessons are taught in game format. It progresses from simple to complex and permanence and sustainability is achieved through repetition. While children are studying with Novakid, they feel like they are taking part in a social activity. That’s why your children wait for lesson time with excitement. Novakid’s greatest motivation is to provide children with this excitement and to continue their language education flawlessly.

Online education and its contribution to parents

Since Novakid is an online platform, you do not have to bring your children to the course, make plans for hours lesson, or arrange your holidays or work according to the lessons. You can turn anywhere you are at that moment into an education area. You do not have to worry about your child entering crowded environments, especially due to the pandemic.

With Novakid, lessons are held online and individually. In a crowded classroom, you do not have to worry about whether your child is getting enough efficiency. Novakid aims for maximum efficiency with individual lessons. At the same time, you are in control with Novakid. You can attend classes with your child and be involved in the educational process.

Join the language learning journey with Novakid

To start your child’s language education at an early age and create a quality infrastructure, all you need to do is to visit Novakid’s website and create a membership. Thus, you can start online English education and take an important step towards your child’s language education.

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