Practical information for dressing stylishly

When we want to dress stylishly and beautifully, there are rules we must pay attention to. We should know which part of our body to highlight and how to choose clothes according to the environment.

“Your best friend” high heels As ”, we are with you for fashion and trends. We explain ways to dress more stylishly with easy-to-apply and practical information.

What is the importance of dressing stylishly?

Your future boss, your lover, your best friend may be there at that moment, and you can take one step forward with your elegance and collect plus points. Dressing stylishly keeps you ready for any eventuality and increases your self-confidence. Remember, beauty comes from within and reflects outside. If you wear clothes that make you feel great; You can put a smile on your face and spread positive energy around you.

If you say you have nothing to wear

On some days, especially when your period is approaching, you may not be able to find anything to wear. This is very normal and can happen to all women. Here’s the fashion solution for those indecisive days: keep a short black dress or jeans and a white t-shirt in reserve that you know look great on other days. Be sure to wear a dress or trousers with high heels and complement it with flashy accessories.

Rules for dressing more stylishly

Now, all together “How Can I Be Stylish?” Let’s focus on the rule of “determining the focal point”, which is one of the most important answers to the question, and start learning and applying it in our lives. First, determine the points you like and dislike the most on your body. In this way, you can highlight what you want and hide what you want, with the magical effect of clothes, shoes and accessories.

Tips to highlight your waist

If you want to highlight your waist; Wear low-waisted trousers and a cropped blouse. If you want to exaggerate the focus; You can get a sparkly piercing in your belly button. The most important rule to pay attention to here is that your belly is really flat. If you are going to wear a dress; Do not wear piercings because they will get stuck under the clothes and their pointed ends will get caught in the clothes and cause deformation.

If you want to highlight your hips

Wedge or pointed… High-heeled shoes make your hips look upright and tighten your calves. Tight, pencil skirts are like a very powerful weapon. Combine your high heels with pencil skirts. Remember, men love big hips! Love your body too, every part of it!

Make use of the décolleté area in style!

With the magic power of V-neck blouses, you can highlight your breasts and attract attention. Whether loose-fitting or slim-fitting; V-neck blouses make your décolletage look amazing. Be sure to keep it in your closet for an impressive look.

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