Practical information for working women

It is important for working women to finish house cleaning quickly and have time for themselves and their loved ones. “ high heels“As editors, we are like you; We both work and keep our home in order. making our lives easier We share our practical cleaning methods with you.

5 minutes is enough for kitchen cleaning.

Take 5 minutes after each dinner and do the following:

Take 2 minutes to wipe down the counter and stove. Wipe any oil spills on your countertop and stove with a damp cloth containing detergent.

Vacuum the floor in 3 minutes

Look around you. Are there any broken pieces of bread, coffee or biscuits on the floor? Immediately sweep the entire kitchen with a broom, starting from the door and ending with the corners. Wipe off any dust on the floor with a slightly damp cloth or paper towel.

Take 13 minutes every other week for walls and cabinets:

Take 13 minutes to dust ceramics and cabinets, door and window frames. For this, choose ready-made dust cloths.

Take 2 minutes to wipe down the outside of the refrigerator. Wipe the shelves and inside with a damp cotton-free cloth.

3 minutes is sufficient for surfaces

Wipe the outer surfaces of the sink, countertop, oven, stove and refrigerator with a cleaning cloth. Use a brush and powder detergent for the dirt around the banana holders.

4 minutes is enough for tiles

Wipe the floors with a cleaning cloth, starting from the corner and the entrance to the room. You can polish the floors using spray cleaners.

Easy to clean the bathroom

Take 3 minutes every day after your shower to:

To clean your tub, run the jet for 30 seconds. You will clean your daily dirt from the bathtub.

1 minute to clean the toilet. The toilet is the most important place to be clean. Make sure it is thoroughly disinfected.

Wipe floors in 1 minute:

Wipe the floor with a paper towel or a cloth that can absorb water.

Take 14 minutes every two weeks to:

Disinfect the toilet in 1 minute. Spray with cleaning spray, wait for a while and flush. Clean the floors using a cleaner that will also disinfect them.

Clean the sink in 2 minutes. Just like sprays that protect your clothes, there are also sprays that protect the surface of the sink. Wipe the bathroom mirror and taps with a dust-free cloth.

5 minutes to clean your shower. You can clean your ceramics and taps with sprays or powder detergents that remove limescale from the walls (do not spray every spray on the taps, read whether it will damage them).

Finish cleaning the toilet in 3 minutes.

Leave the spray you sprayed on the outside and inside of your toilet for about 7 minutes, then scrub the inside with a brush. Wipe the outer surface with a damp cloth.

Wipe the floors with a floor cloth or cloth for 3 minutes.

The dirtiest places in the toilet and bathroom are under the sink. Wipe this area with a dry or wet cloth. Do not brush unless necessary.

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