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platinum jewelry beautiful diamond engagement ring couple shot

We’re quite obsessed with engagement rings here on Wedding Inspirasi, and today, we’re partnering with Platinum Guild International to talk about a specific aspect of those bejeweled sparklers – the crown.

When it comes to rings, we give a lot of weight to choosing the perfect design. However, ensuring a secure setting for your diamond is equally important, because you don’t want to lose that precious stone now, do you? And the most secure setting you can get: A Platinum Crown.

platinum jewelry beautiful diamond engagement ring

But what exactly is a Platinum Crown?

platinum jewelry crown strongest metal secure setting for diamond setting

Platinum Crown is an entirely platinum setting that sits on top of your ring and secures the diamond with its prongs. The most common way a platinum crown is created is through a process called casting.

In a single cast process, the entire ring, including the crown, is created as a single unit, ready to be set with a diamond by your jeweler.

platinum jewelry strongest crown prongs for your beautiful diamond engagement ring

platinum jewelry strongest crown prongs for your beautiful diamond engagement ring gold ring platinum prongs

Another method involves casting the body of the ring (or the shank) and the crown separately, and then affixing the two components through soldering or lasering. This process is suitable for custom orders. So if you’ve fallen in love with a ring design (even if it’s in yellow or rose gold), and want to select a diamond shape or carat size specific to your taste, this is your option.

TIP: Clueless about your choices for diamond shapes, ring styles and settings? We recommend starting with the Engagement Ring Buying Guide!

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What’s the advantage of choosing a Platinum Crown?

platinum jewelry strong wedding band prong setting for diamond engagement ring

Platinum is a great choice for engagement rings, wedding bands, color and colorless gemstone and diamond jewelry because it’s naturally white and won’t cast color into the gemstone or diamond, and platinum won’t fade or change color over time.

Because of its density and durability, Platinum provides the most secure setting for your diamond. When you choose a Platinum Crown, you protect your diamond from loss or damage and reduce your ring’s cost of maintenance for life. Top 5 reasons to go for a Platinum Crown:

It’s Stronger. A Platinum Crown is more durable than gold. Platinum’s high density and superior strength give a diamond more substantial protection than gold, which is brittle and prone to cracking and breaking.

It’s Eternal. When you bump, rub, or scratch platinum, it doesn’t wear away. Did you know that gold wears down over time – even from rubbing on your clothing and bedding? This is the reason why gold prong tips get weaker and may eventually break, requiring multiple re-tipping and even replacements, which leads us to the next point…

Less Maintenance. A Platinum Crown requires far less maintenance than gold over the lifetime of your engagement ring, which means lower cost-of-ownership. In 10 years time, you will save over 2.5 times the cost over repairing and re-plating of white gold. And yes, since white gold is created by mixing alloys with yellow gold to appear white, it will turn yellow over time.

It’s Brighter. Platinum Crowns are pure white and do not reflect color. This means your diamond will shine brighter and whiter than if it is set in white, yellow or rose gold. If you’re a colorless diamond fan, a naturally pure white platinum setting that doesn’t yellow with age, is naturally, the most ideal. If you love colored diamonds or gemstones, then platinum, too, is a great choice, as its pure white color will not cast additional color into the vibrant hues.

It Gets Better. Platinum grows stronger. Unlike gold, which becomes more brittle and thinner, every time you bump or scratch your Platinum Crown, it actually becomes harder and stronger.  (We’re suckers for romantic symbolism of marriage, so this point is kinda perfect…)

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Even if you have a ring style in mind, there’s really no need to compromise when it comes to your metal of choice. Apart from the dizzying array of platinum engagement rings and wedding bands readily available, you also have the option of having your own design finished with a Platinum Crown. So, are you ready to rock a Platinum Crown?

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