Shoe models that will leave their mark on autumn

FLO’s 2018-2019 Autumn-Winter Collection, which brings fashion and quality to your door at prices that do not strain your budget, attracts attention with its eye-catching models that appeal to every style! In the collection where thick-soled sneakers are at the forefront, metallic colors, square-heeled shoes, camouflage-themed models with pearl and troque details attract attention, which are among the most important trends of the season.

Stilettos, moccasins and booties, which are indispensable for every season, are offered to women in dozens of different styles.

These days, when autumn begins to make itself felt with warm winds, it is time to put open shoes, which are indispensable for summer, on the shelf. Slippers and sandals are slowly being replaced by closed shoes. If you want to have world trends in your wardrobe at the most affordable prices this autumn, buy FLO 2018-2019.

Don’t forget to take a look at the Autumn/Winter Collection!

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