Suggestions for Countries to Visit According to Zodiac Signs, a flight ticket sales application established in the past months, contacted us and asked if we could announce this to our readers and that they would put a LUNAR CALENDAR on their website and application. Since it is an interesting idea, the subject is; It came to why they thought of using the lunar calendar.

Melike Temiz, the project manager of the flight ticket sales application, stated that while developing this, it was initially thought to enable those who want to attend Full Moon Parties abroad or have a romantic trip to make their travel plans according to the full moon, but although this was the case at the beginning, they will later continue with additions such as travel and meditation according to the zodiac signs.

Since the topic of travel according to zodiac signs seems interesting, we asked them to send an example if they have one. They did not offend us and sent us their articles that they planned to publish on their website. at work cheapuciyorum.comtravel suggestions prepared by the site according to zodiac signs;

ARIES: New Zealand

Energetic and adventurous, he would rather parachute than sunbathe. Your ideal trip requires a GoPro so you can enjoy extreme sports and madness. That full moon in Sagittarius can only mean one thing, Ram: You need to go to New Zealand ASAP! From bungee jumping off the Auckland Bridge to skydiving over Abel Tasman National Park, you’ll find the adventure you’ve been craving here.


You are a laid-back person who is equally happy in a small village or a big city, provided you have great food and something nice. That’s why Italy was written in the stars for you, dear Taurus.

Take a gondola ride through Venice’s picturesque canals, marvel at the Colosseum over a bowl of pasta in Rome, or head to the Amalfi Coast for jaw-droppingly beautiful cliff villages. And visit your zodiac sign’s mascot at Milan’s stunning Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, where you’ll find a mosaic depicting a bull – according to local tradition, if you turn three times with your heel on the bull’s testicle, you’ll be guaranteed good travel fortune


You get bored easily and hate the word “routine,” so New York is your second home. The city that never sleeps is full of interesting people and hidden gems, and the fast-paced life here means you’ll fit in quickly. With Mars in your fourth house, expect the unexpected! From street art to hidden bars to yoga in the park to food from every corner of the world, there’s never a dull moment in the Big Apple.

CANCER: Germany

Travelers of this star sign love history and culture – that’s why Germany is the perfect place for you, mein Freund! Berlin is the obvious choice – the city has its own museum ISLAND – but don’t underestimate what Munich has to offer your curious soul: be sure to visit the incredible kitsch clock in the Neue Rathaus, where ornate little figures recreate scenes from the city . history of the city.

The annual Oktoberfest is a party where you’re guaranteed to meet other travelers and locals, sing and dance, the perfect dose of history and tradition for social and fun-loving Cancers!

LEO: England

Leos appreciate the finer things in life, but how can you get luxury and five-star comfort on a backpacker budget? The stars all point to a trip to London! It may be one of the most corrupt cities in the world, but it is also the home of the free. Seriously, the museums are AMAZING and almost all of them are completely free (try the V&A, Wellcome Collection and Natural History Museum for a start). There are also hundreds of free live music events, from jazz to rock to classical – stand-up comedy, theater, karaoke, real-life crime cases, out-of-this-world cityscapes… the possibilities are endless.

VIRGO: Switzerland

Virgos may not be the most adventurous sign, but your love of planning and attention to detail will help you make the most of your travels. Switzerland is your spiritual home because it is a country that understands your obsession with order and cleanliness. Its pristine beauty naturally soothes your anxious temperament, helping you live in the moment and appreciate the world around you.

LIBRA: France

Libras are sensitive, emotional travelers who tend to fall head over heels in love with a place. France, home to Paris, the city of love, is just for you and appeals to your taste for elegance. You like to create an emotional connection with your destination, and Paris is a city that will always have a special place in your heart. It’s also a city full of mysteries and surprises, so while you’ll keep coming back for more, you’ll discover something new every time you visit.

SCORPIO: Thailand

Scorpios are a feisty bunch who feel things more intensely than others, especially when traveling! You’re craving mystery, passion, and adventure, so head to Thailand—heaven on earth—where you can discover dreamy beaches by day and wild full moon parties by night. And you’ll never be far from the sea – perfect for travelers of the water element.


Sagittarians have an unshakably sunny outlook on life, so why not move to a country that shares your optimism? Spain is a country where the sun always shines and people are relaxed and hospitable. Sagittarians don’t like to stay in one place for too long, so why not take a cross-country road trip, taking in miles of beautiful coastline and two of the coolest cities in the world: Barcelona and Madrid have everything you need to get going Let your wandering heart sing.


Some may call you a miser, but we know you like to make the most of your travel opportunities. You’re an achiever and like to feel like you’ve seen and done as much as you can during your trip, rather than lying on the beach all day.

So why not consider going to Vietnam, which won’t break the bank and has plenty to see? The rich culture and history will keep you busy, plus Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are pretty crazy cities.

AQUARIUS: South Africa

Passionate, curious, intellectual and creative – travelers of this sign are hard to please and hate crowded group tours. They seek unique experiences off the beaten path, so South Africa suits the Aquarius temperament thanks to its exotic flair and creative spirit.

Cape Town is where the best parts of the country come together, with a trend-setting art scene, thought-provoking museums (check out the District Six Museum), hipster cafes, exotic wildlife and abundant walking trails.

PISCES: Philippines

With its magnificent waterfalls and beaches, the Philippines is a paradise on earth for you, Fish! For Pisces, travel is about the people you meet on your adventure, so the carefree island vibe is perfect for making friends and creating lasting memories together.

Travel allows people to travel to themselves and get to know them better. When making your choice, taking advantage of travel suggestions based on your zodiac sign will be helpful in determining a route that suits you. To buy your flight ticket for transportation without straining your budget, ” You can choose the “I Fly Cheap” platform.

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