Soucy Fall 2024 Wedding Dresses

Zuhair Murad’s mesmerizing Fall 2024 bridal collection features a enchanting lineup of romantic gowns with captivating details. Mysterious, ethereal and ever so elegant, these tradition-defying looks will leave guests spellbound by their exquisite charm. “Drawing inspiration from an enigmatic era, romance unfolds as a dance, mysterious and mystical. Timeless silhouettes take center stage, captivating with … Read more

“Dolce Vita” Bridal Collection

“Love, Sareh,” the Fall 2024 collection by Sareh Nouri is the New York-based designer’s dreamy tribute to brides. This gorgeous edit of timelessly elegant gowns features delicate floral details (think Alencon lace and three-dimensional appliques) and stunning draping. “Our new campaign is a love letter from me to each one of you, our beautiful brides. It’s … Read more

Innocentia Divina Fall 2024 Wedding Dresses

Soucy is a bespoke atelier located in the heart of New York City founded by Mariela Torres Soucy in 2000. “Anthophilia,” the Fall 2024 bridal collection, features elegant gowns with exquisite floral details and dreamy colors, inspired by the designer’s mother’s love of flowers. “Influenced by my mother’s lifelong love of flowers, Anthophilia is a tribute to my … Read more

“A Game of Two” Bridal Collection

Filled with effortlessly elegant silhouettes bursting with incredible, three-dimensional blooms, “Dolce Vita,” Innocentia Divina’s exquisite 2024 couture bridal collection, is a treat for the senses. These enchanting gowns — named after legendary screen sirens like Anita Ekberg —  are the perfect blend of whimsical boho charm, modern edge, and glamour. All eyes on you for sure! … Read more

Tony Ward La Mariée Fall 2024 Wedding Dresses

“A Game of Two,” the chess-inspired Fall 2024 couture bridal collection from Tony Ward La Mariée features 19 luxurious, made-to-order gowns with incredible details. With shimmery embroideries, sculptural accents and cascading ruffles, these stunning looks will capture attention from any angle. The endgame? An air of regal elegance with a touch of mystery and understated … Read more

Anne Barge Fall 2024 Wedding Dresses

The Anne Barge Fall 2024 bridal collection pays homage to Nantucket, with soft, flowing silhouettes and delicate lace details that bring to mind the island’s effortlessly elegant, coastal charm: “Incorporating a palette of textured whites and ivory fabrics, the gowns sway with an effortless grace that mirrors the cobblestone streets. Silk Faille and organza flowers … Read more

with These Registry Picks from Crate and Barrel

6755 features metallic roses, pretty pearls, and sparkling rhinestones It’s not often that we find ourselves gushing over every single piece of a bridal accessory collection but Bel Aire Bridal’s latest collection packs so much swoonsworthy charm it’s impossible to resist! From nature-inspired headbands with gilded leaves and metallic roses to ethereal rhinestone and pearl … Read more

Let’s Talk About Commitment

We’re positively swooning over Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart Fall 2019 collection, which features the most exquisite hair adornments, earrings and other accessories (who can resist those darling shoes, a collabo with Bella Belle Shoes?)! If you ask us, there’s no better way to add a touch of luxury than by adding something gold into … Read more