Those who lost weight with the parsley cure tell

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Saraçoğlu’s parsley cure recipe is the choice of those who want to lose weight. So, what is the use of this famous parsley cure and what are its benefits? We tell about it in our special news.

The recipe, which is easily prepared with three ingredients, needs to be consumed regularly every morning on an empty stomach for 15 days. It helps clear toxins and edema from the body.

1. What is the parsley cure recipe?

The recipe is extremely easy : Put one glass of room temperature water, the juice of half a lemon, and fifteen sprigs of parsley into the food processor. Pulse until you get a smooth consistency. And ready! You can drink it with pleasure.

2. How to use it for weight loss?

Drink a glass of parsley cure on an empty stomach for healing purposes. Wait for ten minutes and have your healthy and satisfying breakfast. The recipe, which contains intense vitamin C, makes you feel full and makes you feel full immediately.

3. How much weight can be lost with the parsley cure?

There are factors that determine the amount of weight a person loses. It affects age, starting weight, diseases, and even gender. That’s why a statement like “lose 5 kilos or lose 10 kilos with the parsley cure” cannot be used exactly! While a person loses 2 kilos a week with this , another person can lose half a kilo. Be assured that this is correct. The amount of weight lost varies for everyone.

4. Is there anyone who lost weight with the parsley cure?

Yes there is! For example, Ms. Cemile got rid of 22 kilos of excess weight with the support of the parsley cure. While she used the recipe every morning on an empty stomach, she made sure to eat healthily and exercise as much as she could.

5. When should it be consumed?

You can find answers to many frequently asked questions in the video below. It provides detailed information and explains the construction steps step by step.

6. How long does it take to make this recipe?

The owner of the recipe is Prof. Dr. İbrahim Saraçoğlu recommends using it continuously for 15 days. Afterwards, you can take a 15-day break and start doing it again. Remember: You will drink it in the morning on an empty stomach.

7. What are its diet and health benefits?

In fact, its benefits are numerous. It is a reward for your health. It beautifies the skin, accelerates weight loss, reduces fatty liver, cleans edema and toxins, balances appetite, and eliminates urinary tract infections.

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