What is a tunic?

Tunics are long and loose-cut women’s shirts. It is a useful type of shirt that can be combined with trousers and tights. It is an outfit often preferred by hijab-wearing women. The main reason for this is that it is abundant.

Hiding your body lines and allowing you to move comfortably in it plays an important role in choosing a tunic. You can also buy tunics in different models for every season. Thus, it becomes possible to create dazzling combinations with the trousers and tights you want, regardless of the season. Tunics are stylish clothes that will provide you convenience in both your daily and business life. It is a garment that you can easily find in any size. It is possible for ladies who wear plus sizes to shine like a star with their stylish combinations by choosing tunics as they wish.

How to choose a tunic?

Now let’s come to another topic that is frequently asked and wondered by ladies. ”How to choose a tunic?” There are some points you should pay attention to when choosing a tunic. Let’s take a brief look at these topics together.

Follow the fashion!

As you know, it is very important to follow fashion in all clothing choices. It is possible to look much more stylish by keeping up with fashion. on our site looking at tunics You can choose the latest fashion tunics and use them in your combinations with peace of mind. Choosing outdated tunics means compromising your elegance. It will definitely be beneficial for you to choose fashionable, trendy colors and modern cuts.

Choose the Right Color!

Another thing you should pay attention to when choosing your tunic is choosing the right color. If you want the tunic you choose to adapt to every environment and combination you enter, you will need to be selective in this regard. The first thing you can do in this regard is to look at your closet and determine which colors are dominant. Thanks to this method, you can find the suitable color for yourself. If you can’t get any ideas, it would be better to stay away from pale colors. By choosing neutral colors, you can see that the tunic you choose easily matches any combination.

Choose the style that suits you!

You know that everyone has their own unique style. Some people like to dress more in a sports style and prefer sports clothes. Some people prefer more flashy and stylish tunics. At this point you need to have an idea about your style. Tunics that you enjoy wearing and that reflect your style will make you feel good in your daily life. If you have questions about your style, you can examine the tunics on the LilasXXL website and choose the tunic that best suits your style.

Be careful with fabric selection!

Recently, it has become a trend to choose clothes made of healthy and natural fabrics. If you want to choose a stylish and high-quality tunic for yourself, you should definitely choose tunics made from natural fabrics that do not threaten your health. If you choose fabrics that are of poor quality and not suitable for your health, the chemicals taken into the body through the skin will adversely affect your health. At the same time, choosing fabrics that will make you feel comfortable during the day will increase your comfort. Additionally, you should avoid fabrics that make you sweat. You can choose quality and healthy pieces for yourself by examining the tunics on our website.

Pay attention to tunic length!

This is an important point to consider before choosing a tunic. If you choose very long tunics, you may look older than you are. Choosing tunics that do not fall below the knee will make you look younger and more modern. Choosing tunics that are long enough to not hide the trousers or tights you wear underneath will make you look much more stylish.

How Should You Choose a Plus Size Tunic?

Tunics, which attract the attention of women of all sizes and ages, have now become indispensable. Although people who choose larger sizes are often labeled as fat, this is a very wrong perception. We need to be clear in our minds that sizes are just numbers. All women want to be stylish and have all eyes on them. It is very important to know our body in order to achieve the stylish look we want. First of all, you will need to highlight the beautiful parts of your body. For this, it will be beneficial for you to choose the tunic that best suits your body. At this point, Lilas will help you a lot. You can get a dazzling look by purchasing the tunic you want, in the models you want, in the patterns you want, at affordable prices.

Things to Consider When Buying a Plus Size Tunic

Color selection

When choosing a plus size tunic, you should pay attention to your color choices. But above all, you need to ask yourself this question. It would be better to wear whatever color suits you. However, if you are undecided about choosing a color and think you need help, here are some tips for you. If you want to look slimmer than you are, but also want to have an elegant look, you can choose the color black. If you want to adapt to any combination and look bright, choosing neutral colors will make your job much easier.

Tunic models

Tunics can be seen as plain tunics and patterned tunics. Tunics made of different fabrics, patterns and cuts will provide you with variety in choosing. If you want a ruffled, chiffon and sequined look, you can easily find everything you are looking for. At the same time, long evening tunic models also attract frequent attention from women. If you want to review all these models and decide, you can visit Lilas XXL.

Break down the Body Complex

Size 43 or size 53, these are just numbers. Tunics are said by some people to be overweight clothing. It is true that tunics help you hide your weight. However, saying “tunics are fat clothes” is quite wrong. Tunics are an outfit preferred by women of all sizes that will make you look aesthetic. By making the right choices, you can shine like a star and attract all eyes. Don’t care what people say and dress the way you feel good.

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