What is BB and CC Cream? Benefits and Usage Tips

The increase in the variety of beauty products over time has brought about an increase in expectations regarding the effects of these products.

In previous periods, coverage was expected from a foundation, sun protection from a sunscreen, and nutrition from a moisturizer; Today, expectations have evolved to find all of these effects in a single product. Products that are the natural result of these expectations are BB and CC creams.

What is BB and CC Cream?

First of all, the definition and impression of BB and CC cream as “the same product” is quite wrong. The functions and properties of both creams are different from each other. For this reason, these products should be defined and detailed differently.

BB cream has two expansions: “belmish balm” (blemish cream) and “beauty balm” (beauty cream). This cream has a light concealing effect that evens out the color tone. However, the functions of BB creams are not limited to “coverage”. These creams also have the effect of moisturizing, nourishing the skin and eliminating future imperfections.

CC creams, which stands for Color Connector, are products used to eliminate color and tone differences on the skin. It is possible to say that color differences, acne scars and blemishes that occur due to various reasons are eliminated with CC cream and a neutral appearance is given to the skin. It also has skin moisturizing properties.

Things to Consider When Using BB and CC Cream

BB and CC creams are generally beneficial for the skin. It has nutritional properties. However, it is also possible to find chemicals that harm the skin in some creams. For this reason, it is useful to look at the ingredients before using BB and CC cream.

These creams should be rinsed and cleaned from the skin before sleeping. Otherwise, it is possible that they may cause some consequences that are not beneficial for the skin. Especially when you sleep with these creams, the skin is likely to become breathless and have an acne or acne-prone structure.

How to Choose the Right BB and CC Cream?

There are some factors to consider when using BB and CC creams, which are generally beneficial for the skin and have the ability to relieve the skin from the heavyness caused by the foundation. It is possible to address these elements as given below.

Considering skin type

First of all, every skin’s needs are different. For example, the BB cream to be used on dry skin is not the same as the BB cream to be used on oily skin. For this reason, skin type should be taken into consideration.

Pay attention to cream tone

BB and CC creams have different tone options, just like foundations. Individuals need to be aware of their own skin color and then choose the BB and CC cream that suits this skin color.

Checking the SPF rate

BB creams, in particular, have protective properties against the harmful rays of the sun. It would be beneficial for those who want to protect their skin in every sense to look at this factor as well.

Most Popular BB and CC Creams

It is possible to say that individuals who consider their skin as their most valuable treasure do not take risks when choosing skin products. Choosing the most well-known, safe brands means not taking risks in this regard. Reliable and popular brands that can be mentioned are as follows.

– Dermoskin: It is a brand that aims to protect the skin tone while equalizing it. In general, the product contents are extremely clean.

La Roche-Posay: In general, it is one of the leading brands in the field of skin care and health.

– SVR: It is one of the primary choices of individuals who value their skin with its clean and natural ingredients.

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