What to Consider When Buying Tonic and Serum?

On November 11 of every year, discounts are held on online shopping sites around the world. Beauty, cosmetics and care products are also an area that offers opportunities in these discounts. So, what should you pay attention to when purchasing tonics and serums, the most prominent options among beauty products?

Which brand will offer the best discounts on November 11? For those who want to buy tonics and serums, Sephora offers great discounts on products of globally preferred brands. 11.11 discountsFeatures of the products that will be sold at great prices and things to pay attention to…

The Most Important Element of Skin Care: Choosing Tonics Suitable for Your Skin

Skin care is a process consisting of many stages, and skin cleansing is the most important part of it. Tonics, also known as facial care tonics, are the preferred options for all skin types. Toners are used to deeply cleanse the skin before applying moisturizers and similar care products to the skin. tonic It is one of the most important weapons of skin care and cleanses dust, oil and make-up residue from the skin in the best way possible. When purchasing a tonic, it is very important to choose the product model that best suits your skin type. Special tonics developed for oily, dry and combination skin should be preferred in the daily skin care routine. When purchasing a tonic, the first thing to consider is its compatibility with the skin type, and the second is that it is rich in content. Natural extracts such as mint and aloe vera, which are widely used in care products, can be preferred for an effective tonic.

Effective Formulas in Facial Serums That Will Make a Difference on the Skin

Serum It attracts a lot of attention as an effective skin care product. The most important feature of the serum is that it creates a deep effect, not a superficial one. The feature of serum models, which are among the most popular products in the 11.11 discounts, is that they have small molecules and can reach the deepest layers of the skin. Serums that adjust the texture, color and tone of the skin also offer different effects depending on skin type. For example, when choosing a serum for dry skin, it also has a moisturizing effect. In addition, ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which are included in rejuvenating and anti-aging products, are also included in serums. In addition, serums contain structures such as vitamin C. In short, all the care power your skin needs can be obtained with serum.

Tonic and serum models, which are among the most preferred products by those who take care of their personal care, will be offered at Sephora during the November 11 sales this year. You can discover special serum product options of Sephora Collection, Bade natural, Biotherm, Chanel, Guerlain and many other brands at Sephora at affordable prices special for 11.11. As for tonics, Sephora will offer discounted prices on dozens of brands, especially brands such as Shiseido, Pixi, Mario Badescu and Lancome.

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