You can increase your income by selling online!

You can choose to sell products online to make money. In this way, your living standards can increase and you can become financially rich. Of course, your business partner is very important. Being together as a successful team can take you even further.

Joom continues to effectively connect SMBs. Because these brands form the backbone of the platform. The marketplace no longer only pursues an endless expansion of its product range, but also focuses on establishing connections for reliable sellers with quality products.

Stating that SMEs are perfectly compatible with Joom, Joom Turkey Business Development Manager, Aleksandr Zaytsev said: “These businesses generally have a wide range of products and reasonable prices, they make business decisions quickly and, most importantly, they know how to sell their products . So their job doesn’t just end with uploading the catalogs, they actually get involved in the sales.” he said he

According to Joom’s statistics, 95% of Turkish sellers effectively take advantage of marketing opportunities. Turkish sellers participate in special operations and promotions, promote their products through Joom’s social network and use other advertising tools.

Yasemen Giyim’s Marketing Sales Manager Hasan Çeri explains the benefit Joom provides to their company: “We can easily sell to many points in the world with the ease provided by the Joom platform. “In addition, promotions on Joom have a very positive impact on our sales,” he points out.

Emin Hamzaoğlu, manager of Platin company, who said that he has a large customer portfolio thanks to Joom, said: “Being able to show my products to sellers from different countries through Joom increases my sales. It is very important to provide services to different countries and to create new collections according to the tastes and interests of people in these countries. “Joom Promotions are really useful and effective,” he says.

As a marketplace, Joom truly appreciates and encourages such participation. For this reason, it will continue to establish connections for SMEs in 2021.

From the very beginning, fashion has been the strongest category on Joom for Turkish sellers, accounting for 70% of sales. Firstly, this has to do with Turkey’s historical reputation for excellent quality in the clothing and footwear sectors. Secondly, Joom came to the region specifically for fashion products. Therefore, it is not surprising that this category is at the heart of the product range.

But over time, sellers from Turkey started to develop new categories such as household goods and appliances, children’s products, jewelry and some others. Together, these categories make up the remaining 30% of the assortment and continue to grow in line with trends in gaining a share of fashion sales.

In 2021, Joom will continue to support Turkish sellers and give all other categories as much importance as fashion, especially since products in the new categories receive excellent customer reviews from around the world.

Currently, 60% of Joom orders from Turkish sellers go to Europe and 30% to Russia. Another trend in the marketplace, and especially in Joom Logistics, is the expansion of the geography to which Turkish products are delivered. Joom also plans to expand to new regions such as the Middle East, Latin America and Australia. In addition, Joom Logistics is constantly striving to improve the delivery process in highly rated countries. In 2021, Joom Logistics will focus on delivery time, developing new services such as payment at the door and delivery to cargo lockers, and, of course, improving the services it offers to its sellers by making order receiving more effective and convenient.

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