Are your dresses ready for the wedding season?

With the arrival of summer, the wedding season has begun. Those who want to be stylish and attract attention at their loved ones’ wedding are asking “What will I wear?” The excitement started. For those who dream of impressing with elegance at weddings, Morhipo MAG team lists the trends of the season.  

With the arrival of the summer months, wedding organizations began one after the other. During this period, one of the most critical issues for the guests, who are as excited as the bride and groom, is choosing the right dress. The venue where the wedding will take place plays a very decisive role in choosing the right dress. Weddings are held in many different venues, from countryside weddings to beach weddings, from a stylish hotel lounge to a terrace with a view. So, what should be considered when choosing a dress according to the venue?

Summer favorite pastel tones

Beaches are among the favorite venues for summer weddings. You can dazzle at beach weddings with a dress you choose from the pastel tones that are popular this year. In order to move comfortably at these weddings, you can choose flowing dresses and make a difference by using natural flowers and tulle accessories.

Lace dresses for romantics

If you are invited to a countryside wedding, you can choose lace dresses, which are this year’s trend, to suit the romance of the venue. In addition to flowing dresses, floral fabrics and flounce designs, which are widely available for romantics this year, are also perfect for these weddings!

Eye-catching accessories for a simple dress

If the wedding you are invited to is on a terrace overlooking the Bosphorus in Istanbul, you can choose a simple dress model and combine it with eye-catching accessories. If you are going to a stylish hotel wedding, you can choose evening dresses. Don’t forget, this year is a year when tulle, lace and flounced models are in demand.

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