Reflect the colors of summer in your style!

Colors are leaving their mark on this summer! These days, when all the liveliness brought by the summer months is reflected in the clothes, the preferences of those who want to look fresh and energetic consist of colorful combinations. Bright and vibrant colors make fashion lovers looking for different styles happy. Morhipo has compiled this summer’s colorful dressing trends.

During the summer months, many people prefer colorful combinations in their clothes. Dressing colorfully is as difficult as it is enjoyable. Using the right colors together and achieving color harmony may not always be easy. One of the basic ways to use colors harmoniously is to create contrast. This summer, especially the combination of contrasting colors attracts attention.

Brightly colored pieces, sequined bags and shoes are among the highlights of the combinations. The most trendy colors include red, green, yellow, burgundy and navy blue. Beige and white tones can also be used easily in combinations. Brightly colored skirts and loose-fitting colored trousers, especially combined with white t-shirts, attract attention.

Colorful make-up

In addition to clothes, the riot of colors is also seen in accessories and make-up. Those who do not hesitate to be assertive in make-up use all shades of yellow, green, blue and red. In addition to colorful eye make-up, colorful and large accessories are also very effective to complement simple outfits. This summer, the combinations are completed with pink, orange and red bags.

Colorful trousers for men

Colorful trousers and shoes also stand out in men’s fashion. Colorful trousers, which can be combined with white t-shirts, are among the favorite pieces of men who want to look cool and stylish this summer. Likewise, the predominance of red, green and blue is felt in the shoes.

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