Care tips for damaged hair after vacation

Your hair needs care after the holiday. During the summer months, sea, salt and sun damage the hair. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to hair care in autumn. As the High Heels team, we offer you suggestions for damaged hair after the holiday. To restore your hair to its former health, be sure to apply the hair care methods we have compiled for you.

Get rid of fractures!

To get rid of the damaged look on your hair after the holiday, you should first cut your hair a little from the ends. Thus, your hair will look both thicker and healthier.

Drink plenty of water for damaged hair!

You should moisturize your hair internally as well as externally. Another way to get healthy hair is to consume plenty of water. Make sure you drink enough water during the day.

Eat healthy!

Nutrition is very effective in achieving healthy hair. Foods rich in vitamins B12 and A, such as hazelnuts, salmon and chicken, help strengthen your hair.

Care with natural oils!

Your hair dries out on holiday due to sun, salt water and chlorine and needs moisture. You need to give your dry hair the moisture it needs after the holiday. You can moisturize your hair and return it to its former healthy state with masks prepared with natural oils such as castor oil and argan oil. coconut oilCaring with olive oil also nourishes your hair.

Take advantage of vitamins for damaged hair!

You can regularly care for your hair with hair care products containing vitamins E and B. These vitamins reduce hair damage, strengthen your hair and help new hair grow.

Use apple cider vinegar!

Apple cider vinegar makes your hair brighter and stronger. Rinse water during shower apple cider vinegarYou can add apple cider vinegar to your hair roots and then rinse your hair with warm water.

Be careful when using shampoo!

If your hair got very dry in the summer, try not to shampoo too much after the holiday. Shampooing hair too frequently dries the scalp and increases hair loss. The healthiest thing for your hair is to wash it every two or three days with repairing shampoos. Thus, you can maintain the oil and moisture balance in your hair.

Protect from heat-generating processes!

If you apply heat treatments to your hair, such as blow-drying or curling iron, be careful to minimize the frequency of these treatments. If you can’t, you can use heat protective products.

Apply special care cures for damaged hair!

Keratin and protein-rich care cures give vitality to the hair. You can make your hair more vibrant and well-groomed by applying these cures at the hairdresser.

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