Celebrities’ beauty secrets for winter

Are you wondering how celebrities such as Çağla Şıkel, Ece Sükan, Ahu Yağtu, who are always in the spotlight, take care of their skin during the winter months? As the High Heels team, we reveal to you the special care secrets of celebrities in winter.

Çağla Şikel prefers natural beauty!

“I am quite fond of maintenance. Since my skin is exposed to heavy make-up, I pay particular attention to the cleansing step. In fact, I make choices according to the needs of the period. Just as I share the recipes on my YouTube channel, there are also recipes that I prepare with natural herbs, from quality brands to nourish from within. collagen usage as well. In addition to all this, I drink plenty of water in all seasons. I never forget to use moisturizer in winter. I have a lotion that always keeps my skin vibrant, even with make-up on. “I use it all the time.” says she.

Ece Sükan likes silk!

“Products containing silk are very good for my skin. During the winter months, I especially focus on products with intense moisturizing properties. I exfoliated once a week. In this way, I ensure that my skin always remains vibrant. Since I attach great importance to eye area care, there are special products I use. “I also drink plenty of water.” says she.

Ahu Yağtu cares about your sensitive skin!

“Since I have very sensitive skin, I need to pay special attention to the care products I use in winter. I use skin care products under the supervision of a dermatologist. I love olive oil and I moisturize my hair with pure olive oil. “I drink plenty of water.”

Burcu Kara pays attention to cleanliness!

“I attach great importance to cleansing my skin and keeping it clean after make-up. That’s why I value skin cleansing products so much. If I wear make-up, I use mineral-based products. Since my skin turns red in winter, I apply special care for sensitive skin. When I feel that my skin is dehydrated in cold weather, I always apply moisturizer. “I use dermatological products sold in pharmacies for my skin.”

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