Cinnamon detox water recipe

You can make cinnamon detox water to lose weight. It helps balance blood sugar and prevent hunger attacks. It suppresses sweet cravings and cinnamon detox water has anti-edema properties.

Detox water prepared with natural foods at home can be one of your biggest helpers in your diet journey. We share with you both the recipe and the tips.

How to make cinnamon detox water?

Add a cinnamon stick, a handful of fresh mint and a sliced ​​apple to a liter of room temperature water. Leave it overnight or for at least five hours. Important point: We do not boil detox water. We keep cinnamon and other foods in water at room temperature. If you want, you can make different choices such as orange, pomegranate, strawberry, grapefruit.

How should I use it to lose weight?

In particular, you can drink one large glass before main meals. This allows you to feel full quickly and prepares your stomach for easy digestion. If you drink detox water after exercise, it will help meet your body’s vitamin and mineral needs.

What nutrients are used in detox water?

We can choose the foods we will use in detox water according to the season and our taste. For example, apple and fresh mint, orange, lemon and parsley… While we prefer fruits such as orange and tangerine in winter, we can make strawberry detox water in spring.

How much cinnamon detox water to drink?

Experts recommend drinking 2 liters of water a day. Considering this, you can drink 1 liter of plain water with cinnamon throughout the day. To get the most benefit, you can continue using cinnamon detox water for 7 days. When you complete this, take a break for a week and try a different recipe, for example, fat burning detox water… After 7 days of use, you can switch to the cinnamon one again. So, it is best to drink it alternately this way.

Does it help lose weight?

Yes, it is beneficial for losing weight in a healthy way. However, of course, you need to pay attention to what you eat and drink and the amount of daily movement. Preparing yourself detox water every night helps you gain mental strength to increase discipline in your diet.

What are the benefits of apple cinnamon detox water?

First benefit: It helps you gain the habit of drinking water, which is the most important step to lose weight. You should know that when you do not drink enough water, your body starts to store fat and your appetite increases. In addition, as we mentioned at the beginning of our special news, it has anti-edema, appetite balancing and sweet tooth suppressant benefits.

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