How to get rid of irritation after razor?

The most practical way to get rid of unwanted hair is to use a razor. However, sometimes post-razor irritation may occur. We have suggestions to help you overcome this annoying situation.

As your best friend “High Heels”, we share the best methods for post-razor irritation. You can choose one of them and apply it with peace of mind.

For post-razor irritation, use cold water!

It may hurt due to irritation, there may be burning, itching and redness in the area where you remove the hair. For solution, you can do cold water treatment. Hold the cold water you can stand on the problem area with a shower head, it will provide relief.

Heal your skin with St. John’s wort oil!

One of the beneficial oils that you must have in your home is St. John’s wort Because it helps heal wounds and irritations very quickly. Apply St. John’s Wort oil to the irritated area after razor by massaging. You will see the effect in a short time.

Apply powder to irritated skin after razor!

Baby powder is a savior product for beauty and care. It soothes the skin and relieves redness and itching. Think about it: It is an effective and beautiful method to be used to prevent newborn babies’ skin from being irritated. You can use baby powder on any area you want.

Soothe irritation with lavender oil or water!

You can use lavender oil or water for rapid healing of irritated skin. Phytotherapy experts recommend the use of lavender due to its healing properties. You can get it from herbalists.

Apply moisturizing cream frequently to relieve irritation!

Apply moisturizing cream to soothe your skin and relieve irritation. In particular, aloe vera extract creams will be a good solution. After a warm shower, you can apply it all over your body and care from head to toe.

Massage with ice cubes to reduce pain!

If there is pain or itching in the genital area or any other place, you can apply ice cubes to reduce it. However, do not put ice directly on your skin; may cause burns. Fill a bag with ice, tie it closed, and hold it on the irritated area for as long as you can stand.

Learn the tricks of using a razor!

After removing your hair with a razor, you should be careful from the very beginning to avoid irritation. For example, apply baby oil to the area where you will remove hair. Then apply a razor blade. You will see, in this way your skin will be protected and it will be as smooth as if it had been waxed. Additionally, after removing unwanted hair, rinse your skin with warm water and apply powder or moisturizer.

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