Comfortable way to get rid of hair!

Gillette Venus, the choice of women who want to feel their most beautiful and best at all times, whether at work, on holiday or at home, introduces its new product, which will be this summer’s favorite, to consumers.

Developed considering women who do not want to give up their comfort to achieve silky smooth skin, the new Gillette Venus Comfortglide OlayYou can enjoy every moment with.

Comfort and silky smoothness come together with Gillette Venus Comfortglide Olay. Offering a comfortable shave by gliding easily on the skin with gel bars containing Olay care oil, Gillette Venus Comfortglide Olay also promises extra smoothness with the 5 blades in its head.

You can comfortably achieve the smooth skin of your dreams this summer with Gillette Venus Comfortglide Olay, Gillette Venus’ brand new product designed specifically for women.

It is time to say goodbye to painful and old hair removal methods that contain chemicals and cause us to give up the comfort of our homes, which can damage our skin. Gillette Venus Comfortglide Olay allows you to achieve 100% comfort and smoothness painlessly and effortlessly with a single touch, thanks to its unique Olay gel bars.

Gillette Venus Comfortglide Olay’s gel bars activate as soon as they come into contact with water; It leaves a light foam behind, allowing the blade to glide easily on the skin, without the need for any extra gel or foam. Gel bars enriched with Olay body care oils create a protective barrier on the skin, trapping moisture in the skin and helping to maintain the skin’s moisture balance.

With the new Gillette Venus Comfortglide Olay, no matter what the day brings you, you can take every step with confidence thanks to silky soft skin and #ComfortableSmoothness.

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