Would you like to know the height of celebrities?

Are you curious about the height of the celebrities you like? We learned the heights of celebrities for you, from Meryem Uzerli to Tarkan, Şükran Ovalı to Murat Boz. Nebahat Çehre’s height is 1.65 cm, but she definitely looks taller on the screen. Let’s see what you think. Scroll down the page to see the heights of celebrities.

Meryem Uzerli is 174 cm tall

Ebru Şallı is 165 cm tall

Hülya Avşar is 162 cm tall

Lady Gaga is 155 cm tall

Şükran Ovalı is 163 cm tall

Kim Kardashian is 158 cm tall

Tanem Sivar is 158 cm tall

Victoria Beckham is 164 cm tall

Beyonce Knowles is 168 cm tall

Tarkan is 169 cm tall

Acun Ilıcalı is 182 cm tall

Sezen Aksu is 155 cm tall

Hande Soral is 163 cm tall

İbrahim Tatlıses is 177 cm tall

Serdar Ortaç is 167 cm tall

Murat Boz is 184 cm tall

Özge Özpirinççi is 160 cm tall

Sinem Kobal is 167 cm tall

Atiye Deniz is 161 cm tall

Emina Sandal is 176 cm tall

Nebahat Çehre is 165 cm tall

Songül Öden is 170 cm tall

Wilma Elles is 177 cm tall

Okan Bayülgen is 168 cm tall

Bergüzar Korel is 180 cm tall

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