Have you ever used baby powder like this?

If you use baby powder only to prevent diaper rash, you are doing him an injustice. From oil stains to foot odor, we explain the benefits of baby powder that you never knew about!

Solution for oily hair

Is your hair oily and you don’t have time to wash it? No problem! Sprinkle a teaspoon of baby powder on your hair and comb it with a brush. It will instantly become cleaner and more voluminous. Dry shampoo, the latest trend, is already powder-based.

May your cat sleep well

If fleas and flies come to your cat’s mat or basket and bother him, what you need to do is very simple: sprinkle some baby powder, leave it for 10 minutes, and then vacuum it. Of course, don’t do this near your cat, so that it won’t be disturbed by the sound, kitten =)

Solution to foot odor

Baby powder comes to your rescue to solve bad foot and shoe odor. Apply baby powder to your thoroughly washed and dried feet, put on cotton socks and go to sleep, and see a miracle when you wake up in the morning. Do the same process by applying baby powder after drying your shoes and leaving them until the morning.

Solution to musty smell

To eliminate the musty smell in your furniture, sprinkle baby powder inside the drawers, the smell will disappear within minutes and it will look cleaner.

Solution for eyebrows and eyelashes

You can also use baby powder to make your eyebrows and eyelashes look fuller. How Does It Do? Before using eyebrow pencil or mascara, sprinkle some powder on the relevant area; The result will be great. Of course, in order to do this process easily, it is useful to buy powders sold in bottles such as large salt shakers.

Solution to knotted necklaces

No need to spend hours trying to untangle tangled necklaces, sprinkle some baby powder on them and use a pin to separate the necklaces; It’s that simple.

Solution for ants

You wouldn’t want ants coming into your kitchen, would you? Then sprinkle some baby powder around the garbage and at the exit of the anthills; The result will be exactly what you want: an ant-free kitchen!

Solution to oil stains

Did the oil from the food get on your clothes or tablecloth? Don’t worry, baby powder offers a solution to this too! Apply powder on the stained area and let it sit, it will absorb the oil and wash it immediately.

Solution to floor squeaking

Squeaking problems may occur in wooden floors after a while. To eliminate this, sprinkle powder between the floors, let it sit for a while, and then vacuum it; The squeak will stop.

Solution to playing cards

The playing cards stick together as they stand and are difficult to deal. To solve this, sprinkle baby powder on them, let them sit and see if they open easily.

Don’t take a break from enjoying the sea

Don’t let the sand left on your feet and legs spoil your joy when you return from the sea. After it dries thoroughly, sprinkle powder on yourself, let it sit, and then scrape it off with your hand.

Solution to hot nights

On hot summer days, it is difficult to even put on a thin blanket; It sticks to your body due to moisture. Well, to prevent this, sprinkle powder on yourself or on the sheets; sleep cool

Solution to dishwashing glove smell

When water gets inside your dishwashing gloves, they start to smell bad after a while. To prevent this, sprinkle powder on the inside of your gloves. The bad smell will go away and it will wrap your hand comfortably.

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