5 ways to get rid of work stress

We spend most of our day at work. Sometimes things that don’t go well bother us and we get stressed. However, stress at work negatively affects both health and productivity. But don’t worry, High Heels Woman, we are sharing with you 5 ways to get rid of work stress!

First of all, do not bring your work through the door of your house when you go home in the evening. Your home life and your work life are different places, do not mix them up.

Listen to soothing music

If your work environment is quite noisy and crowded and you feel overwhelmed at that moment; Music can work. From a biological perspective, melodic sounds facilitate the release of dopamine hormones in the reward part of the brain. This is the same as eating something sweet or smelling a pleasant scent, says Amit Sood, MD, a physician at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Stating that people are easily distracted, Sood said, “We know that a distracted mind is an unhappy head. Because in such moments we focus on the shortcomings in life,” he says. Listening to music for 15 to 30 minutes will help reduce your stress.

Take advantage of the power of scented candles!

Keep scented candles on your desk. Scents activate different parts of your mind and help you relieve stress.

Go for a walk during your lunch break!

Take advantage of your lunch break and go for a short walk. Choose a remote restaurant to eat and commute on foot. Open air and movement both relieve your stress and make you think differently.

Notice the little joys!

When a series of small obstacles arise, these are usually bad days for you. If things seem to be going worse than usual that day, take a step back and see what’s going on. Don’t let little obstacles ruin your day. If you look at situations realistically, you can stop a potential bad day before it starts.

Be grateful and happy that you have a job!

Today is just one day of your entire life. Therefore, focus on the positive events in your life, not the negativity. Don’t think about how boring it is to solve problems at work, on the contrary, spend your time on the positive aspects of your job. You are lucky in life if you have food to fill your stomach, a house to live in, and something to do. Especially if there are people who are interested in you and curious about you, do not waste your time. Therefore, do not worry about small problems in your workplace and be positive.

Enjoy being at home!

When you get home, fill the bathroom with hot water. Grab a cup of coffee or herbal tea. Turn on some light music. Light your candles and immerse yourself in the water. Aromatic oils you add to water will be effective in relieving your stress.

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