How to Choose the Most Suitable Contour and Foundation for Your Skin Type?

Among personal care products, foundation and contour are among the make-up products that reveal the unique form sought on the skin. Contours and foundations preferred to give the skin a flawless appearance have a wide range in terms of both content and application. So how to find the most suitable model for your skin type?

Choose the Right Foundation for a Unique Skin Tone

It can be said to be the most important element of skin make-up. foundation stands out with its wide color range and varieties. Selection of undertone and finish color is very important in foundations, which are included in products such as contour, BB cream, bronzer or make-up stabilizer. Both skin form and undertone-finish harmony can give good results in foundations. Undertones in concealer foundation products include neutral, cold and warm tones. Everyone can buy foundation according to their make-up concept and preferred color choice.

For a good result in foundations, the finish must be chosen correctly. Foundation models with a bright, matte and vibrant finish are preferred by women. In liquid form foundations, medium, light and high coverage levels can be preferred. SPF, or sun protection factor, is also important during periods when sunlight is intense. In this sense, you can choose foundations with SPF 15, 20 and 30 levels. The most preferred foundation colors are beige, pink and brown. This is a choice that depends on your make-up style and clothing style. Foundation models, which can have permanent and moisturizing properties, also offer vegan content.

The Hero of the Perfect Look: Contour

In make-up products contour He can be said to be among the hidden heroes. Contour models that dimension the face can be considered the final touch of make-up for invitations and special occasions. Contours that assertively emphasize facial features appeal to those who want to highlight make-up. Among the contour types, stick contours and set contours can be preferred. When it comes to colors, dark, light and medium selections can be made in contour models that can be applied easily with their creamy structure. Contour types, which are easier to apply than bronzers, can also be preferred as a package.

The first thing to consider when choosing contours for the best make-up is to choose a color that is not far from the skin tone. When choosing a stick or contour palette, colors that are not far from the skin tone should be preferred. It is very practical to use contour options, where making a good choice down to the undertones makes a difference. Correct contour applications make a difference in a good face make-up. You can highlight your face beautifully by applying eyebrow contour or cheekbone contour. Additionally, contouring can also be applied to areas such as the jawbone and nose. With contour offering a magic wand, it is entirely in your hands to make a difference in facial makeup.

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