New Well Elections of Cemre Baysel, Rabia Soytürk and Gizem Karaca!

Rabia Soytürk Chose Her Red Lipstick!

How about discovering Rabia Öztürk’s red lipstick selection? As women, we always have a favorite in our red lipstick preferences. We feel happier and more self-confident with the dominant energy of this precious color. Even on days when we cannot find enough time to do make-up, we achieve the results we want in a short time thanks to BB cream, mascara and red lipstick. Regardless of special occasions or daily makeup, we all love the energy of red! It does not disperse, smear or lose its effect when we consume something. red lipstickThis is why research is gaining importance.

Renew yourself with New Well’s brand new series, Shiny Liquid Lipgloss colors! We are sure that it will be the new favorite in your makeup bag with its practical applicator and effects that will add brightness to your day! Be sure to discover the Shiny Liquid Lipgloss product that Rabia Öztürk loves to use and calls “My Red”.

Cemre Baysel’s Choice for “Eyes, Cheeks and Lips”!

Let’s talk about Cemre Baysel’s choice… If you haven’t tried the miraculously effective New Well Liquid Illuminator product that you can use on both eyes, cheeks and lips, you are missing out! You can give your make-up a much more professional look in seconds with this practical product, preferred by Cemre Baysel and many make-up artists. Liquid Illuminator is available in Candy, Pink Up and Sunset color options. In this way, there is an option suitable for every skin tone. At the same time, it is extremely practical as it can be applied to both lips, eyes and cheeks. It also attracts attention with its long-term durability. It leaves a natural lightening effect on your skin throughout the day. It does not create dispersion. You can carry a single product in your bag and easily apply make-up wherever you want. It eliminates the need to carry a huge makeup bag with you.

What Does Gizem Karaca Apply for Her “Sharp Facial Lines”?

If you’re a makeup lover, you know that contouring is a crucial technique for adding dimension to your face. Applying contour can completely transform you, creating a look that accentuates your best features. With the newest make-up trend, “New Well Stick Contour”, you can get a flawless face without dealing with traditional contour products.

Gizem Karaca chose Stick Contour to create perfect facial lines! So you? We all now know how professional results the contouring process, one of the indispensable parts of make-up, produces. Are you ready for wonderful experiences with New Well for the sharp lines preferred by makeup artists and many famous names such as Gizem Karaca?

You should start using New Well Stick Contour by choosing the color that suits your skin tone. Then, you can apply the lightest shade under your eyes, on your nose line and on your forehead. Finally, you can use the dark part on the cheekbones, under the eyebrow line, on the edges of the nose and jawbones.

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