How to choose the right graduation dress?

The countdown has begun to the most exciting night of the year! Everyone wants to make their graduation night unforgettable with a dress in which they feel beautiful. Morhipo MAG team explained the things to consider when choosing a graduation dress.

Only a few days left until graduation! Morhipo MAG team gives tips on choosing the right dress for this special night. graduation dress When choosing a dress, the first thing on the list of things to do is choosing the dress that suits your body. You can choose dresses that will show off the parts of your body that you want to stand out and cover the parts that you want to hide. Another important point is to discover the color that suits you. By learning your skin undertone, you can decide more accurately which shade of color to choose. The most decisive feature when choosing a dress is trends!

So what are these trends?

There is definitely a trend that will answer everyone’s needs in the new season. All you have to do is adapt a trend you like to your own style. There are many floral patterns for romantics again this year. With the arrival of spring, flowers appear on clothes as well as in nature, and time never passes. You can use it as a risk-free choice. If you are an incorrigible romantic, you may also prefer one-sleeved flounced dresses.

Lace continues to be the favorite of those who want to feel a little feminine and a little vintage. However, it is useful to remember; Tight and lace clothes may be considered a little sensitive and not very comfortable for nights that will continue with long dances.
One of the most assertive choices for this night is sequins. You can wear the sequined version of a masculine jumpsuit that uses sequins only in one area, although not all over. Remember, one piece always makes you look taller.

Another of the most assertive and current trends of the season is gathered or tightly pleated dresses, while another popular trend is batik. Although it seems not suitable for parties and has a very bohemian atmosphere, it is possible to adapt the batik pattern to the night. Those who like to look alternative can consider this pattern.

What are the trending colors of the season?

The choice of color is as important as the model of the dress. Living coral is at the top of the list this year! Vibrant coral color, dazzling fuchsia, warming yellow, energizing orange tones, lilac and powder pink, which will be the new favorites of those who love simplicity, are among this year’s favorite colors.

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