5 tips for perfect summer makeup

For a smooth, glowing and well-groomed skin in summer, you should do summer makeup correctly. The heavy products you use will block the pores because they prevent your skin from breathing and will cause skin problems because they cannot remove toxins when you sweat. As the High Heels team, we researched how to do summer make-up. You can get information about summer makeup tips by continuing to read our news.

Prepare your skin for make-up!

Your summer makeup should be easy to apply and make your skin look radiant. For this reason, you should use mineral-based products and bring the sun’s shine to your skin. Moisturize your skin regularly every day, this will make your skin look bright and healthy.

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

After your moisturizer, especially in summer sunscreen Never forget to use care cream. Sunscreen creams will protect you from sun spots on your skin and signs of rapid aging.

Take a break from foundation!

Using a fine powder or BB cream instead of foundation in the summer will provide a more natural look and help your skin breathe. If you like bronze skin, the powder you use in winter may appear lighter on your skin. bronze blushesYou can directly.

Make your eye makeup suitable for summer!

When doing eye make-up in summer, you should spread your concealer as much as possible and use a light concealer. Apply 2 coats of mascara, highlighting your eyes with eyeliner. If you choose volumizing mascaras that are water-resistant and strengthen your eyelashes in summer, your looks can be deeper and more attractive.

Natural and shiny lips

In summer, a slightly shiny and thin-textured lip gloss will make your lips look fuller and act as a moisturizer. If you have sensitive lips, you can buy your lip balm with sun protection factor.

If you follow our suggestions for summer make-up, your skin will be rested and you can look great with make-up suitable for summer.

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