I’m telling you about places to visit in Buyukada!

I have been living in Büyükada for over a year. I encounter the beauties of nature the moment I step out of my home. I can find the sea, bird sounds, forest, historical houses and rich flavors all together. To you, Places to visit in Buyukada I’m telling. You can follow my suggestions for a truly enjoyable tour.

How to get to Büyükada?

It is possible to come to Büyükada from many central points of Istanbul by motorboat or ferry. You can reach Büyükada from piers such as Bostancı, Kartal, Avcılar, Kadıköy, Beşiktaş, Eminönü and Kabataş. I recommend checking on Google to see current recipes because hours change during summer and winter.

What are the places to visit in Büyükada?

Before moving to Büyükada, I used to watch the TV series “Hatırla Dear” with great pleasure and was curious about its locations. If you want to see historical mansions and feel that beautiful nostalgic atmosphere, Çankaya Street can be your first visit point.

See the mansions of the TV series Remember Dear!

Along Çankaya Street, you can see mansions with fascinating architecture that dates back to ancient times. Due to the geographical structure of Büyükada, its roads are generally hilly. But Çankaya Street is completely flat. In this way, you can walk comfortably without getting tired.

What to eat in Büyükada? Special advice!

While visiting Büyükada, you may want to taste delicious food. As an Islander, my special advice to you is to stay away from the market area! There are wonderful places on the upper streets of the island where you can see natural beauties and eat.

My photo from the place I mentioned????

Discover Büyükada from Garden to Table!

having an island breakfast If you want, Garden to Table is definitely the best! You ask why? Vegetables are grown from local seeds using completely natural methods. For example, when you order menemen for breakfast, tomatoes and peppers are picked right from the garden. With organic eggs, special menemen for youis being prepared.

If you go for lunch or dinner, again with vegetables freshly picked from the garden A delicious salad is made. Olive oil comes from Çanakkale: Early harvest and cold pressed!

If you wish, you can also go there to drink homemade lemonade and basil sherbet. It is one of the rare places where you can take books and magazines with you and have fun.

The phone number of the place located at the exit of Büyükada Hamidiye Mosque: 0532 688 57 87

Be sure to see Hagia Yorgi Hill!

I recommend you to go up to Aya Yorgi hill to see the magnificent beauty of Büyükada. Yes, the road is a bit steep, but it will definitely be worth the effort… At the top, you can see a wonderful sea view, a historical church and perhaps hundred-year-old trees.

Special advice: Be sure to come to the island wearing sneakers. Because a long walk awaits you. If you make your feet comfortable, you can have an enjoyable trip.

There are many places to visit in Büyükada!

Actually, Büyükada is not just what I described. There are many places worth seeing and visiting, such as the St. Nicholas Church, Çınar Square, the Beach and the Mine. I will continue to tell you whenever I get the chance.

Büyükada is beautiful in every season. Come to the Island, whether cold or hot, and reward yourself with a wonderful day.

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