Naive welcome to the season with İpekyol Spring collection

Silhouettes dancing with all the reflections of light come together in the Ipekyol Spring 2019 Collection, making a naive reference to urban and modern women. Colors that embrace natural tones and flowing fabrics that accompany the lightening breezes set sail on new routes with the magic of the season.

Ipekyol Spring 2019 Collection naively greets the season with its modern, feminine and minimal looks. The silhouettes accompanying the new season offer a perfect selection to the Ipekyol woman with their elegant details.

Standing out with their elegant back detail, trench coats adapt to the changing weather conditions from day to night. Accompanying the play of colors, knitwear dresses reveal their inviting side with their illusion effect patterns. Dresses and blouses with modern lines and curling, gathering and knot effects are among the standout pieces of the season.

Minimal jackets with contrast effects, which can be complemented with sneakers, emphasize the feminine waist line and promise high comfort, accompanying the busy schedule of Ipekyol women during the day. While animal patterns and layered looks, which are the trends of the season, create a maximalist stance, chain-rope patterned blouses and skirts that wink at the warm weather we miss are among the pieces that get their share of the pattern siege…

Mini skirts with buckle belts that declare their suede unity and the accompanying tassel jacket create a unity that reflects its authentic character in every aspect. Inspired by the harmony of contrasting patterns, shirts and flowy dresses are waiting to be matched with other timeless pieces in the wardrobe.

It becomes much more colorful with warm oranges accompanying the black, white and ecru colors in the collection, blues reflecting the perfection of the sky, dusty roses that create a romantic touch, reds and pinks.

Large-framed modern sunglasses, wicker-textured bags that invite soft weather, and clutches with tassel details and a mix of different materials are the indispensable accompaniments of Ipekyol women’s evening parties… The organic feeling of large flower-shaped earrings and natural- shaped jewelry depicts the naturalness of the collection…

Stone-heeled shoes and thin sandals that accompany the spring season offer comfort and elegance together. The sneakers that emerged in the new season, where the sporty stance gained momentum, are on the rise with detailed embroidery and stone details.

You are invited to discover the Ipekyol Spring 2019 Collection, where different textures are blended with the naive effect of the season.

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