Şansım Adalı prepared a Morhipo x Sudi Etuz collection!

Şansım Adalı, the creator of Sudi Etuz, who has made a name for herself with her different and original designs in the fashion scene in Turkey in recent years, offers a brand new excitement to fashion enthusiasts with the Morhipo x Sudi Etuz collection specially prepared for Morhipo.com customers.

Morhipo.com, the pioneer of fashion in e-commerce, which prefers original and young names while adding a new one to its designer collaborations, this time presents the special creation of Şansım Adalı, the creator of Sudi Etuz, to fashion enthusiasts.

With the aim of making a difference in New Year’s events, the Morhipo x Sudi Etuz collection, prepared exclusively for Morhipo.com customers, was put on sale. This special collection, reflecting Sudi Etuz’s striking and extraordinary style, consists of a total of 45 pieces, including short and long dresses, trousers and skirts, flashy blouses and accessories.

Morhipo The collection, enriched with Sudi Etuz classic colors such as fuchsia and lamé, as well as the indispensable colors of night invitations such as black and navy blue, has a lively, energetic and cheerful New Year enthusiasm.

Şansım Adalı expresses her excitement for this special collection and Morhipo.com collaboration as follows: “It is very exciting for me to introduce my designs to a wide audience, to touch the young fashion-loving customers of Morhipo.com, and to reach people who have not met Sudi Etuz until today. I attach great importance to accessible design collaboration projects for the democratization of fashion. It is also valuable for me to cooperate with Morhipo.com, the pioneer of fashion in e-commerce. Boyner Group’s experience in retail and Morhipo.com’s expertise in fashion are definitely the right address to bring Sudi Etuz designs to the masses at affordable prices.”

Special products in the Morhipo x Sudi Etuz collection are offered for sale only on Morhipo.com, with prices starting from 199 TL.

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