Natural methods for wax rash

It is possible to get rid of the redness that occurs after waxing, especially for people with sensitive skin. You can get rid of redness, which is a reaction of the body when hair is removed, with natural methods. As the High Heels team, we answer for you how to get rid of wax rash. Here are the natural methods for wax rash…

Aloe vera for wax rash!

Thanks to the moisturizing and healing effect of aloe vera, you can prevent rashes and acne that may occur after waxing. After applying it, you will feel that your skin is cooled and the redness and burning sensation is relieved. Aloe vera It also helps lighten the spots on your skin caused by the sun. It is one of the natural methods you can apply to equalize your skin tone.

Baking soda mask after waxing

1 bowl of yoghurt with 1 tablespoon baking soda Mix in a bowl. Apply it to the reddened area after waxing and leave it for 10 minutes. While this mask will relieve redness, it will also prevent acne that may occur after waxing.

Apply baby powder for wax rash!

1 tablespoon baby powder Mix some rose water and lemon juice in a bowl until you get a creamy consistency. Apply a thick layer to the area you waxed. You can rinse it after waiting 10 minutes.

How to get rid of wax rash?

  • To get rid of redness after waxing, you can rub ice on the area you waxed. The cold compress method will help calm your skin by relieving the burning sensation and redness.
  • If you have sensitive skin, wax Don’t take a hot shower after! Hot water increases blood circulation and increases redness. It also causes irritation to your skin. If you need to take a shower, use lukewarm water or even cold water if you can stand it.
  • Avoid waxing during your period. Even if you do not have sensitive skin, redness may occur on your skin when you wax during this period.
  • Stay away from clothes that tighten your body after waxing. Tight clothing irritates your skin and prevents rashes from going away.

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