New energy for the season with the Twist Spring 2019 collection!

Twist Spring 2019 Collection, which combines details that enliven the new energy of the season with its original spirit, awaits Twisters who reveal their style in the boldest way. Comfortable pieces that give a trend alarm are ready to keep up with all your plans from day to night without any questions!

Twist Spring 2019 Collection is here with a collection that combines the harmony of colorful and contrasting patterns for Twisters who love to explore new routes!

Stone-embroidered jacket-like white shirts that put seasonality aside, accompanied by sparkling skirts with glitter details, are combined with white boots, one of the hit pieces of the season, to create a dynamic look. Floral patterns, knitted prints, polka dots and bead embroidery, heralding the new season with their natural shine, are at the forefront.

Pinks, energetic reds and oranges accompanying the dominance of black and greys, greens heralding the season, coral, the favorite color of the year, yellow, cinnamon and pastel tones are blended with street fashion style among the wide color scale of the collection.

It adds a fun interpretation to the Twist Spring 2019 Collection with jean jackets enlivened with sequins and star embroidery and jeans in the same color tone.

Building patterns accompanying the city’s non-stop energy appear on overalls and trousers. The embroidered bird embroideries that come to life on bomber jackets are a mix of colors and patterns that refer to the past; Stone slogan print and tulle t-shirts invite Twisters to take a journey back to the 80’s.

While maximal leopard patterns reveal themselves in knitwear and trousers, chained paisley patterns, shirts and skirts are rapidly elevating the seasonal mood.

Straw hats, which elevate sporty yet stylish looks, and backpacks, which are the rising pieces of the season, manage to get on Twisters’ radar. Slogans ready to shine on necklaces and earrings, star and heart patterns stand out as striking details on accessories. Sneakers and colorful sandals that do not compromise on style complete the season shopping lists as the perfect complement to cool looks.

You are invited to discover the Twist Spring 2019 collection, which promises a flashy-cool look with designs accompanied by sparkling and different details that accompany all the details of the new season!

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