Famous designer Şansım Adalı’s collection has been renewed!

Morhipo x Sudi Etuz collection, prepared exclusively for Morhipo customers by Şansım Adalı, the creator of Sudi Etuz, who has made a name for herself in the fashion world with her different and original designs, meets fashion enthusiasts with its brand new products.

Prepared by Sudi Etuz’s creator, Şansım Adalı, and met with great interest, the Morhipo x Sudi Etuz collection presents itself to fashion enthusiasts with its brand new products.

Sudi Etuz’s collection, which consists of a total of 45 pieces including short and long dresses, trousers and skirts, flashy blouses and accessories, reflecting her striking and extraordinary style, includes 15 new products, including metallic raincoats, fuchsia dresses, satin suits, silvery and velvet bustiers and metallic bags. added.

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