Simple and comfortable elegance is possible

Choosing clothes can be quite difficult in the scorching heat of summer. However, it is quite possible to look both stylish and comfortable with this year’s trending products. If you are one of those who say, “I love comfort, but I also want to look stylish and stylish”; Morhipo collections consisting of loose trousers, dresses, casual blouses and flat sandals are waiting for you.

Being stylish doesn’t mean always wearing high heels or wearing clothes you don’t feel comfortable with. It is possible to achieve elegance with loose-fitting dresses and trousers, casual blouses and sandals with different alternatives. Here are the comfortable and stylish trends of this summer.

Loose-fit skirts and trousers

Loose-cut skirts and trousers that do not hug your body provide you with comfort on these hot summer days, while also helping you make a difference with your style. Asymmetrical, slit, shiny fabric pieces will give you a very cool look when combined correctly.

One color from head to toe

Single color combinations, known as monochrome, which emerged in the 70s and are becoming fashionable again today, will give you a noble and powerful look. However, if you do not feel so brave yet, you can achieve the same nobility with tone-on-tone combinations and add a minimal atmosphere to your style.

Elegance in one piece

The path to effortless elegance is through dresses. Flowy, loose-fitting dresses create a comfortable look in your style. You can complement a dress in white, black or summer-appropriate pastel tones with a stylish bag and sandals.

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