Sümeyye Boyacı returned from Singapore with a gold medal!

Paralympic Swimming European Champion Sümeyye Boyacı returned with a gold medal from Singapore, where she went with the support of her main sponsor Bursa Kebap Evi and transportation sponsor Turkish Airlines.

In the series in which she participated as the only Turkish athlete and a total of 172 athletes from 26 countries competed, Sümeyye Boyacı won the gold medal by finishing first in the 50-meter backstroke with a time of 45.88. Boyacı also came first in the 100-meter freestyle category with a time of 1.44, in the 50-meter freestyle category with a time of 46.60, and in the 50-meter butterfly category with a time of 48.03, the best time of the year , and S5s rose to first place in the world rankings in general classification. Sümeyye Boyacı dedicated the gold medal she received to her main sponsor, Bursa Kebap Evi, in the race that the federation did not send and went with the support of sponsors. Sümeyye Boyacı, who won the gold medal in the same category at the World Series held in the USA in April with the support of her sponsors, said, “I am closer to the world championship, my self-confidence has increased, I am advancing “step by step towards my goal.”

The European Champion, who won the gold medal with his result at the 2018 Paralympic Swimming European Championships held in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, aims for the world championship in 2019 and the Olympic championship at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. Before the world championship, which is planned to take place in July, Boyacı aims to participate in the world series that will be held in countries such as Italy, Finland and Germany, after America and Singapore. Sümeyye Boyacı “I went to two very important races for the world series with the support of my sponsors. I was proud to represent my country as the only Turkish athlete in both countries. And I saw that if the necessary support is given, success comes with it. That’s why I thank my sponsors. They supported me financially and morally and believed in me. I hope there will be support for other successful athletes as well. “It is possible to experience this pride in different achievements.”said.

Cem Helvacı, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bursa Kebab House “We believed and trusted Sümeyye from the very beginning. We are with you whether you win or lose. When Sümeyye told us, ‘The two races that are very important for the World Series are America and Singapore, the federation does not send them,’ we said yes without hesitation. I’m glad we gave this support. He brought a gold medal to our country and represented us successfully. “We will proudly display the medal he dedicated to Bursa Kebap Evi in ​​all branches and continue to support him.”said.

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