How should makeup be done according to face shape?

Analyzing face shape correctly helps us in some matters. Especially if you take your face shape into consideration when applying make-up, you can cover your flaws and reveal your beautiful sides. As the High Heels team, we give you information about makeup application according to your face shape. The makeup suggestions we have put together for you will help you with this.

Makeup according to oval face shape

If you have an oval face, your cheeks are flatter and your forehead and chin balance each other. For this reason, oval faces, which are more advantageous than other face shapes, need less shading. You can leave a deeper expression on your face by applying the blush horizontally from the cheekbone to the ear. It would be a better choice for you to wear make-up that will make your face look round rather than angular. You should choose your eye make-up and lipstick in a way that does not disrupt the balance on your face. You should combine eye makeup in dark tones with a dark lipstick. If you have chosen light tones in your eye makeup, you should balance it by using a simple gloss on your lips.

Makeup according to angular face shape

These types of faces, which have harsh-looking lines, stand out with their angular jaws and prominent foreheads. If you have an angular face, when applying foundation, you should be careful to apply it intensively in the middle of the face and lighter towards the outside. To give a soft look to your hard-looking lines, use a light color foundation over a dark foundation that will “brighten the areas you want to be prominent.” You can give your facial features a soft look by applying blush from your cheekbones to your temples. Be careful to use the highlighter mostly under your eyes and on your chin. Use these areas to hide your temples and jawbones. bronzer blush You can drive. By using brightly colored lipsticks, you can draw attention to your lips and ensure that your chin does not stand out. You should carefully determine the point you want to emphasize on your face. If you are going to use a dark tone on your eyes, you should choose more natural colors on your lips. If you are wearing a striking lipstick, you should balance it with a simple eye make-up.

Makeup according to round face shape

If you have a round face, try to highlight the chin and cheekbones. First, apply a foundation that suits your skin tone, then apply a dark foundation over the areas you want to hide. Apply the blush from the cheekbone to the outer edge of the eye, creating a triangle in the hollow of the cheek. Since round faces do not have dominant features, you can highlight the area you want to be prominent with make-up. If you have a round face; After applying the foundation, you should highlight your lines by using highlighter under the eyes, tip of the nose and corners of the mouth. You can make your face look longer by applying bronzer to your temples and chin edges. You can make your face look more oval by emphasizing your eyes and lips. You must definitely achieve harmony between the eyes and lips. They should both have similar tones.

Makeup according to triangle face shape

If you have a triangle-shaped face, you should highlight your cheekbones and chin and shadow your forehead to achieve a balanced appearance on your face. If your chin area is narrow and your forehead area is wide, foundation Use it to shade your forehead area and make it look narrow. Highlight the parts you want to stand out with light color foundation. Apply the blush in a circular shape, over the cheekbone towards the tip of the eye. If your forehead area is narrow and your chin area is wide, make your forehead area more prominent. Shade the chin area with a dark foundation to make it look narrow. When applying make-up, you should apply the foundation evenly all over your face. You can highlight your eyes by applying highlighting powder to your cheeks, but it is more important to apply the highlighter to your chin. The highlighter you apply to your chin makes this area appear wider. You can also make your forehead look thinner by applying some bronzing blush on your temples. To reveal the beauty of your cheekbones, you can color them with a peach-toned blush. You should be careful to use lighter tones on your eyes, the middle part of your face should mainly attract attention.

Makeup according to long face shape

If you have a long face shape, you should make your face look more oval and shorter. It is possible to achieve this look with the help of a liquid foundation that suits your skin tone and powder that is one or two shades darker than your foundation. You can make your face look shorter by using powder to highlight your cheekbones and chin. Applying the blush from your jawbones to your temples will also achieve a similar result. You can achieve a more oval face appearance, especially with a distinctive eye make-up such as “cat’s eye”. To shade your forehead and chin area, you can use foundation 1-2 shades darker than your skin, horizontally.

Makeup according to heart face shape

Since these types of faces narrow towards the chin, what you need to do is to make these areas appear wider. You can achieve this by applying a lighter shade of concealer to your chin. Cheekbones are prominent on heart-shaped faces. Be careful not to use too much blush to avoid highlighting your cheekbones. It is also possible to draw attention away from your cheeks by using a foundation a few shades darker than your skin tone on your forehead.

You learned how to apply makeup according to your face shape.

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