Ways to use time efficiently

We need to use time efficiently to live life happier. As the “High Heels” team, we offer suggestions for efficient use of time that will help you live a balanced life.

Why is it important to use time efficiently?

the time Using it correctly allows you to finish many of your tasks in less time and feel better mentally. Because people who use their time correctly feel more successful in life and are happier. “Time management” needs to be learned in order to use time correctly, which cannot be stopped or slowed down. In order to manage time, a person must be mentally prepared. This is determined by factors such as the person’s self-confidence, desire to succeed, determination to fight, having the necessary information, and believing in continuity in practice.

How can we use time more efficiently?

Research shows that people can only intervene 60 percent of the time. Events beyond a person’s control take up 40 percent of the time. It is not possible to increase this ratio to 100 percent with the time method, but the 80/20 rule is important to use 60 percent of the time correctly. This rule means doing 80 percent of the work with 20 percent of your time, and doing 20 percent of the work with the remaining 80 percent of your time.

What can we do to use our time efficiently?

A person who wants to use his time efficiently should ask life, “What do I want to be?” What fields interest me? Asking questions such as, for his job, “What jobs do I enjoy? How do I get motivated…”He needs to ask questions like these to himself.

You must determine where you spend your time. To do this, record all your work done every half hour every day for a month. This may be tedious, but it will give you important clues about how your time is being spent.

Where do we start planning?

Focus problem It is very important to be planned to solve problems and use time more efficiently. Plan for the 60 percent of time that you can control. Be sure to write down this plan annually, monthly, weekly and daily. This way, you won’t forget the time plan in your mind and you can reduce your mind’s busyness. In addition, this tactic will help increase your concentration and reveal your activity archive.

List your tasks in order of importance. While doing this, you can refer to ABC Analysis. For example, A: Which 15 percent of your current tasks are important enough to fill 65 percent of your work time? B: Which 20 percent of your current tasks are important enough to take up 20 percent of your work time? A: Which 15 percent of your current tasks are important enough to take up 15 percent of your work time?

In this plan, generally focus on the A’s, delegate the B’s as much as possible, and look for ways to eliminate the C’s.

Practical suggestions for time management

Concentrate on only one task at a time and finish it at once without leaving it unfinished.

Determine where you want to see yourself in 10 years. Imagine how and at what point you want to see your job, your home, your family, and do something every day to achieve these dreams.

Use phrases such as “I don’t know”, “I want help”, “I did it wrong” throughout the day. Not knowing a subject, asking for help, or admitting your mistake and learning the right thing will take you further.

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