Effective methods for underarm care

Are armpit darkening and excessive sweating depressing you? Don’t worry, it is possible to get rid of these problems completely. As ‘High Heels’, we offer you practical, effective and tested methods. Start reading our special news now to learn our recommendations for underarm care!

Pay attention to daily maintenance!

As daily care, it is necessary to clean the armpits with soap and water in the morning and evening, whether we take a bath or not. Because reducing bacteria the smell of sweatblocking

Use deodorant for underarm care!

Applying deodorant to the armpit after bathing ensures a pleasant scent. However, you should never apply deodorant to a sweaty body, as “perfume on sweat” can cause a worse odor.

Be careful what you eat!

To prevent sweating, we should also pay attention to the foods we eat. Staying away from highly flavored foods is a correct precaution against sweat odor. Choosing clothes and underwear made of cotton or linen is also a good way to prevent sweat odor.

Try natural methods for underarm care!

You can use baking soda or corn flour for the armpit area. Both powders have the ability to absorb moisture. baking sodaIt has average antiseptic and deodorizing properties.

Prevent sweat odor with sage!

Sage is known to be an antiperspirant. You can use sage oil or tincture by applying it to your armpit area. Drinking tea or washing your armpit with tea may also be effective.

Get rid of hair for underarm care!

against sweat Armpit In care, it is necessary to specifically target the hair; That is, getting rid of them. When we remove the hairs, we destroy the protein that can be a food source for bacteria in this area and the small stalks that they can attach to.

Removing armpit hair is necessary to prevent both unwanted body odor and bad appearance. It is possible to get rid of unwanted hair under the armpit with various epilation methods such as wax, epilation devices or razor.  

If you use a razor, you should not forget to soap your armpit before the procedure and clean your skin after the razor application. You should not forget to apply a cream containing aloe vera after the procedure is completed. Because the cream you apply will soothe your skin by reducing the burning sensation and irritation effects.

It is important that your skin is clean, cream-free and dry before waxing and epilation device applications.

Cleaning and keeping the materials and devices you use in all epilation processes before and after use is a rule that should not be violated for your skin health.  

wax, razor bladeor after removing hair with an epilator, redness may occur in the armpit. To prevent this rash from turning into serious irritation, Do not sunbathe until the redness disappears after pilation; Do not use alcohol, perfume, etc. for at least four days after epilating the armpit. Avoiding contact with the items is also among the things that need to be taken into consideration.

How to get rid of armpit darkening?

  • One of the biggest problems of most of us is the darkening of the armpit. To get rid of underarm darkening, you must first avoid wearing too tight clothes. Because clothes that hug the armpit tightly cause irritation on the armpit skin due to friction.
  • S It is healthier to choose clothes made of cotton fabrics as much as possible instead of synthetic ones.
  • Choosing to use wax instead of razor for epilation also reduces the risk of darkening of the skin.
  • You can also choose to use candle roll-on or antiperspirant instead of deodorant or gel antiperspirants (odor removers).
  • If there is a fungus on the skin, it may be necessary to use anti-fungal cream. Therefore, it is useful to consult a dermatologist.
  • Armpits may become stained due to lack of air or the skin being burned due to very hot wax.
  • It is said that making a scrub under the armpit without irritating it and then applying fresh black grape juice and rubbing it off when it dries is good for the problem of darkening.
  • Gently rub the armpits with lemon slices during bathing or Vitamin EThere is a possibility that applying the oil may also be effective in whitening the armpit.
  • It is known that using baby powder regularly causes the color to lighten over time.
  • a teaspoon vaselineOne of the methods used against the darkening problem is to apply the mixture prepared with a teaspoon of apple juice and a teaspoon of lemon juice to your previously cleaned armpit, after it dries, clean it with warm water and soften your skin with baby powder.  

You have learned effective methods for underarm care.

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