Full support from Pelin Karahan to entrepreneurial women!

Famous actress Pelin Karahan also attended the award ceremony of the Women First in Entrepreneurship Competition, organized in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Lifelong Learning, Vodafone Turkey Foundation and Turkey Informatics Foundation. At the ceremony, a total of more than 43 thousand TL was given to successful entrepreneurial women.

Famous actress Pelin Karahan attended the Women First in Entrepreneurship Competition Award Ceremony organized by Vodafone Turkey Foundation. At the ceremony, where the opening speech was made by Mehmet Nezir Gül, General Director of Lifelong Learning of the Ministry of National Education, Pelin Karahan moderated a panel and invited the guests. Hasan Süel, President of Vodafone Türkiye Foundation, had a pleasant conversation with Berna Ertürk Polat and Gülter Coşkun, participants of the Women First in Entrepreneurship project, about women’s entrepreneurship and the role of technology in entrepreneurship.

Stating that the “Women First in Entrepreneurship” project is an important step towards the empowerment of women, Pelin Karahan said, “I wholeheartedly support the project. Women need to take more part in economic and social life. Women can achieve very successful businesses with the support of technology. There is a great need to support women. “I hope that such projects increase and the opportunities offered to women increase,” he said.

A total of more than 43 thousand TL worth of prize money was given

In the competition, which received the highest number of applications to date with a total of 621 applications from all over Turkey, Berna Ertürk Polat from Balıkesir came first, Sevcan Engin from Yalova came second, Gülpembe Yakin from Denizli came third, while Sezin Moral from Samsun and Pınar from Ordu came in third. Güder Five was deemed worthy of the Special Jury Prize. Gülter Coşkun from Istanbul was deemed worthy of the Product Innovation Award, which was given for the first time this year in the competition. The winners of the competition were given a total of more than 43 thousand TL in prize money.

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